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4 Reasons Why You Need A Pierson Pleated Filter

Posted on: February 15, 2016

Of all the the wonderful improvements in the world of heating and air conditioning, one of the most advantageous has to be the Pierson pleated filter. Never before have you been able to modify the equipment of previous years to make it work better and cost less. In tough economic times, getting the most of your company’s dollar is more important than ever. The experts at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning can help your furnace dust collection unit stay cleaner, easier and be more productive.

Retrofit – Pierson Pleated Filter

An easy way to make your furnace more effective and keep the air in your business Pierson Pleated Filterhealthier is to switch to a permanent air filter. Whether you need to meet higher air quality standards or are just looking to save energy and manpower, the Pierson pleated filter is the way to go. A more powerful air filter can easily reduce the number and types of allergens in the air. Limiting  respiratory irritants is a good place to start in reducing sick days. A quick visit from a Jacob technician can get you started.

Lower Energy Costs

The traditional air filters you’ve been using have to be replaced routinely. Pierson pleated filters meet the evolving needs of your business by working harder while using less power. Cleaner air from the regular filter can result in a pressure drop. Pleated air filters have three times the surface area for filtration so pressure drops and the accompanying energy spike are all but forgotten. Cleaner air and money savings all in one easy change.

Longer Filter Life

With a Pierson pleated filter you won’t need to replace parts as often. The pleated filter media performs better in the way of overall filtration and lasts up to three times longer than the bag and cage set up. Less filter changes means less inventory on hand, less overhead, and far lower replacement costs over the life of the unit. In industrial businesses the dust and dirt to be filtered can be so coarse it actually creates holes in weaker filters. A pleated filter is sturdy enough to withstand harsh conditions with less emissions.

Easier Installation

The Pierson pleated filter replaces both the collection bag and the support cage so it’s much easier to clean and replace than the older style air filters. This ease of use means less downtime for your business and lower labor costs as well. Don’t you wish everything could be done faster and easier?

With a longer life, cleaner, healthier air for you and your employees, easy clean features and multiple money saving benefits, it’s easy to see why every furnace deserves the power and dependability of a Pierson pleated filter. Ask the professionals at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning what other ways a pleated air filter can simplify your life. As always, scheduled maintenance from the trained technicians at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning will save you the hassle of cleaning the filter and can alert you of any needed repairs before they cause problems.