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4 Things to Check on your Orange City Central Unit

Posted on: May 30, 2016

Your Orange City Central Unit needs a few things to ensure that it will have a long-lasting system. We have a team of certified technicians who will be able to help you diagnose or troubleshoot your AC to find problems before they even occur. We will then be informed enough to suggest a replacement or a repair. Air conditioning units need to be maintained and looked at from time to time to make sure they will keep running smoothly. Here are four things to check when it comes to your central unit.

Air Conditioner Leaks in your Orange City Central Unit

Your air ducts are the one place where you can loose a lot of airflow because of leaks. If Orange City Central Unityour air conditioner is not sealed properly, this can happen to your Orange City Central Unit. You will be able to know there is something wrong with your AC when there is unusual noise or the equipment is starting and stopping. For any air conditioner leaks, you want to trust a professional to do it. Don’t be tempted to start duct taping the leak as a solution – there are many moving parts in an air conditioner and you need to be able to fix the underlying problem not the superficial one.


When you want your Orange City Central Unit to last, you also want to replace or clean your filters for that ultimate performance. Your AC will have a lot of work to do during those hot months – you want to checkup and look at your filters to make sure they are not dirty or clogged. The result of clogged or dirty filters is filthy indoor air. To keep your indoor air quality high, make sure you have clean filters. You can have a high quality filter, but if you fail to keep it clean, your indoor air will reflect that. Avoid exposing your friends and family to those health risks that can be cause by air borne particles.

Regular maintenance

Your Orange City Central Unit needs a regular scheduled maintenance that goes beyond cleaning the filters. You want to have this maintenance session started prior to those months where your AC is working on overtime cooling your house. Our experts service your unit by inspecting the coils, cleaning the coils, replacing filters, lubricating motors, replacing any fan belts, cleaning the blowers, cleaning the fans, checking the refrigerant, inspection on the safeties and control and making sure your unit operates at a manufacturer recommended level.

You can stop the potential damage of your Orange City Central Unit before it happens. Your AC will be running throughout the summer and possibly spring and early fall. The more it works, the more you need to check that it’s running the way it should. Like any machine, your system is susceptible to wear and tear. Like any machine used for a long time, the working parts can sometimes break and lead to even bigger repairs. Regular check ins will help you discover issues that could potentially be costly. Having professional technicians at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning will also help you catch and fix any problems.