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5 Advantages of Pierson Variable Speed Compressors

Posted on: July 22, 2016

Variable speed technology has significantly contributed to major improvements in the HVAC industry such as comfort, versatility, and improved efficiency. The technology has Pierson Variable Speed Compressorsbeen adopted to compressors with ducted HVAC systems. The Pierson variable speed Compressors have a drive which modulates the compressor capacity enabling its motor to slow down or speed up depending on the cooling or heating load.

Pierson Variable Speed Compressors Improve Comfort

Pierson variable Speed Compressors offers improved comfort to you at home. The variable speed technology precisely matches the output of the compressor to load in your home. Humidity and temperature differences often cause discomfort in a home. However, with a variable speed compressor, you are able to achieve your comfort by the precise humidity and temperature control offered.

While running in air conditioning mode, Pierson variable speed compressors will pull humidity out of your home. Compared to traditional systems, variable speed systems run for longer periods of time but much slower. This means that the humidity level in your home is reduced further to a level that is more comfortable and there is better air flow. With these comfort advantages you are able to live a healthier and happy life within your home.

Improved Efficiency

The traditional systems usually use the on-off function. Pierson variable speed compressors, on the other hand allows you to adjust the power output hence achieving significant savings in terms of energy costs.  The advanced functionality on the compressor improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the system.

Improved reliability

The variable speed technology used on this compressor protects the system from failure unlike the traditionally fixed systems. The compressor has additional power controls which proactively assist in preventing the system from any damage. This makes the Pierson variable speed compressors more reliable and efficient.

The system has many drives that offer safety features which eliminates the need for some of the electrical components in traditional systems such as contractors and motor circuit breakers. This does not only reduce the number of components but also reduces the replacement costs. The risk of failure or system downtime is therefore reduced making it more reliable.

Lower starting currents

Compared with other systems, a Pierson Variable Speed compressor has a variable frequency drive which reduces the current required to start by up to 80 percent. This power grid is therefore not subjected to huge stress when powering the motors thus saving energy consumption.

Degradation of components is reduced.

The variable speed system optimizes the performance of the motor and compressor thus reducing stress on the components of the system. The possibility of components failing as a result of wear and tear is therefore reduced. The components in the compressor can function for a longer period of time and save the frequent replacement costs incurred with the traditional systems.