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Astor Air Conditioning Service

Posted on: September 9, 2013

If you live in Astor, you can count on the air conditioning service from Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning. With regular AC service, we’ll keep your air conditioner working efficiently so it cools your home or business through the hot Florida summer at the lowest cost possible.

The easiest way to make sure your air conditioner receives the regular attention it needs to run problem-free is with Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning’s Astor AC service maintenance plan. The following are just a few reasons why our air conditioning service plan is so important to maintaining your unit while also keeping your running costs low.

Astor AC service

  • As with any type of electrical equipment, regular maintenance is critical to keeping it operating properly. Astor AC service will keep your air conditioning unit running 24/7 in peak condition so your home or business is always cool and comfortable.
  • Your air conditioner cools efficiently when it works properly. This means it will cost less to run and can keep your home or business cool without unnecessarily high electricity costs. With our Astor air conditioning service maintenance plan, your system is also less likely to develop problems that may result in it breaking down.
  • Having your business at a cool and comfortable temperature is extremely important to creating a great environment for your customers and employees. If your employees are hot and uncomfortable at work, they won’t be at their best. Your customers also won’t enjoy frequenting your business if it’s always sweltering hot inside. With our Astor air conditioning service maintenance plan, you’ll always have a comfortable temperature in your business without having to worry about servicing your air conditioning unit yourself or dealing with inconvenient breakdowns.
  • Our Astor AC service maintenance plan is also an easy way to ensure you never have to worry about closing your business down for a day or two or having to check into a hotel for a night or two simply because your air conditioning isn’t working and the temperature at your home or business is unbearable. It’s always a smarter move to prevent something from going wrong or to repair a small problem from developing into a huge issue than it is to have to replace your entire system. Our air conditioning service plan is the perfect preventative measure.
  • With our complete AC service plan, you’ll also have an efficiently running system that can save you money on your electricity costs. Who doesn’t enjoy paying less for electricity?

Regular AC Maintenance

Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning has an air conditioning service maintenance plan that will work for your specific AC unit and budget. To learn more or to sign up for a plan, give us a call at 386-337-3502. You can also email us anytime by clicking on the Contact Us tab. For a quick, free, no-obligation quote and Home Comfort Analysis, click on the Schedule an Appointment tab.