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The Biggest Problem With An Orange City Lyric Thermostat

Posted on: February 8, 2016

I’m picky. I am only willing to spend hard-earned money on products that are going to make my life easier. They also have to be pretty, edgy, and logical just like me. A friend of mine was programming her thermostat from her smartphone at the park the other day. I was intrigued. She told me all about her Orange City Lyric thermostat and what it did to make her happy. Here is my experience:

Orange City Lyric Thermostat Unboxing

Orange City Lyric Thermostat

With a comparable price tag as other devices on the market, I was happy with the deal I got. When I opened the box it had a large booklet with instructions and helpful tips. So far so good.

It’s round and has a large display area which was quite a change from my rectangle that required spectacles to read. Thankfully, I took the time to read through the basics because it required me to turn off the AC and furnace unit at the breaker box. I’m definitely not electrically inclined and just assumed the thermostat was it’s own creature. Not so.

A little wiring here and labeling there and the Orange City Lyric thermostat was actually pretty easy to install. The booklet helped as did the pictures on the mobile app. I snapped on the face-plate and behold, it worked! Now came the scary part. I was actually in a cold sweat thinking about having to connect this thing with my wireless router. I considered getting my teenager out of his room for moral support.

The mobile app was less than helpful in this arena. Apparently I have an older Netgear system that required far more finagling than your typical setup. I got through it with minimal four letter words.

This thing wanted to track every occupant in the home with some fancy “geofencing” business. That all sounded a little too Big Brother for me. But I guess, this is the wave of the future so I gave it a try.

In a nutshell, the Orange City Lyric thermostat tracks our smartphones to know when we are all home and when one or more of us leaves. I liked that it would increase the temperature of the house as soon as I got up so it would be cozy for the kids when I got them up for school. It also switched itself into Frugal Mode when we all left for school and work. That was pretty cool. I could also see the temperature from the hallway so I knew when my mother was having a hot flash and cranked up the AC.

Bonus: it knows when someone comes home (carrying a smartphone of course) and flips itself out of Frugal Mode and back to the desired temperature. On one unseasonably cold day, the mobile app turned up the furnace. How nice of the Orange City Lyric thermostat to take the outside weather into consideration!

From day one the Orange City Lyric thermostat figured out what we need and for the most part, when we need it.

Of course, I called the experts at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning because I had specific questions on how this system would work for me. The friendly, knowledgeable staff was with me every step of the way.