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Best Astor Variable Speed Compressor

As a successful business owner it’s only natural that you look for ways to continuously improve your energy efficiency and maximize company savings. That’s why you trust the expert knowledge of Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning technicians when they recommend a variable speed air compressor for your commercial space. About one fourth of the electricity bill for the average factory is just running an air compressor! By installing an Astor variable speed compressor, your business could realize a significant cost savings.

How An Astor Variable Speed Compressor Works

Astor variable speed compressor

The common, single-stage air compressor works using air pressure variations to move cool air into and out of the space with a piston, series of valves and other compressor parts. Using this model the unit is either on or off depending on the current need. When the desired temperature is achieved, the unit shuts off and restarts again to maintain indoor comfort. The Astor variable speed compressor is different because it eliminates the peak energy usage that occurs from the compressor turning on. Variable speed works by keeping constant pressure in the unit. No switching off and on repeatedly. This represents a savings of between 20 and 35 percent of electricity every time a traditional unit starts! With an Aster variable speed compressor the heat pump or air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard to keep the temperature stable.

Main Benefits

The ultimate in indoor comfort is ensured with a variable speed air compressor because the temperature doesn’t shift as much. Running for longer periods of time at a lower speed also means less humidity in the air, resulting in even higher comfort levels.

An Astor variable speed compressor uses power intelligently by running smoothly with the option to kick into high gear depending on the weather conditions. Your HVAC system will now distinguish the indoor climate needs of your business and respond appropriately, leaving you with one less item on your to-do list.

Have you ever been in an office or at a store when the air conditioner cycles on? It can sound like a jet engine departing. In the middle of summer this may be a welcome sound, but wouldn’t it be nice to still be able to conduct a conversation? By operating at a lower speed, the Astor variable speed compressor is actually quieter than most conversations without sacrificing cooling comfort.

A variable speed compressor will also enhance the performance of other air quality products you may have around. A consistent airflow at a lower speed will give the air purifier in the office, the filters in the production area and even the air freshener in the bathroom more time to enhance air quality.

By choosing to step up to an Astor variable speed compressor your commercial business space will gain increased energy savings, total indoor comfort, and an overall noise reduction. The friendly Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning team is always happy to provide a professional opinion on the best way to make your HVAC unit work for you. Give them a call today.

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