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Pierson Whole House Filter And Your Health

Posted on: May 2, 2016

A Pierson whole house filter is the key to getting pollutants out of your home. When it comes to breathing right, a proper filter will help with allergies and asthma while helping you inhale clean air. The whole house filter is designed to limit the allergens in the air that can affect you respiratory health – this is why we have a Jacob technician ready to get you started on the right track.

The way your house filter air is through the forced air system that is also known as central air conditioning system. A return air duct work has filters built within and these filters trap particles while the air filters through. So as long as the fan is on, the filter will work and run as air flows through the house.

Why a Pierson Whole House Filter is a Great Option

When you have dust accumulating, it ends up clogging the furnace and defeats the purposePierson Whole House Filter of the furnace. The filters in a Pierson whole house filter work to protect the furnace from large dust particles. They also block microscopic particles due to the pleated nature of the design. So look out for this when you’re looking for filters – while some filters may block out the large dust particles and keep your home’s surface cleaner, they won’t block microscopic dust particles. Lung tissue gets the most irritated by these microscopic particles.

You may end up paying a few dollars more for the pleated Pierson whole house filter, but they do a way better job than your cheapest option. These pleated filters are made to attract allergens like pet dander and pollen. Like a magnetic force, they filter dust like magic. Because of the way they attract particles, it’s best to also check them and change them every two to three months.

Benefits of a Pierson Whole House Filter

When you have a high quality form of filtering air, you are working to eliminate mold, dust mites, mildew, spores, pollen, allergens and other particles that may be airborne. You can filter over 97% of all the allergens. A Pierson whole house filter is better than choosing a cheap fiberglass option that only filters a low percentage of all particles. Why should you risk that when it comes to your health!

When you use air filters, you also want to replace them regularly to make sure you’re clearing what has been caught between the filters. To protect yourself from poor air quality indoors you want to make sure your filters are not blocked and the airflow is still going through. In addition, a clear Pierson whole house filter also ensures your home stays energy efficient. A clogged house filter means that your air conditioner and heating system will spend more energy working and may even break down more often.

When you buy a house filter you probably want to help your family breath cleaner air as well as have great health overall. For this reason, experts at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning are ready to make the right recommendation for you.