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Should You Choose A Debary Zoned Air Conditioning System?

Posted on: November 8, 2015

Imagine her craft room being held at the perfect sixty eight degrees. Cold enough to keep the sewing machine cool to the touch but not so cold as to harden the modeling clay. Imagine his “man cave” warm enough to enjoy the recliner during the game but not so hot that the guys sweat while yelling at the television. These are both possible in the same house at the exact same time using the power of a Debary zoned air conditioning system. The professionals at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning are just a phone call away for expert advice on this new system.

How Debary Zoned Air Conditioning Helps

With just one Debary zoned air conditioning unit installed in your house, you can now Debary zoned air conditioningkeep any zone in your home at just the right temperature for your ultimate comfort. Zones can be customized to fit your exact needs, either by floor, by room or even by section. Each zone will then be assigned a dedicated thermostat that can be set according to your comfort level. Her craft room, for example, can be set at 68 degrees. While the thermostat controlling his man cave remains at 72. When the system needs to cool one room the unit turns on and the airflow is directed to that zone using air valves that are called dampers. Once the desired temperature has been reached the dampers close and the unit shuts down normally. Now with only one air conditioning unit, your whole house can be just the way you want it all the time.


There’s no need to cool the guest bedroom while nobody is staying in it. And if you aren’t using the back half of the house during a renovation, there’s no need to run the air conditioning to that space. With a Debary zoned air conditioning system, now you don’t have to. Being able to set each portion of the house to the desired temperature setting ensures optimal comfort levels all year long.

When you only heat or cool the rooms in your home that you use, you save the energy cost for the unused portion. Ensuring no energy is wasted on heating or cooling rooms that don’t need it, can save your wallet when the bill comes. Saving money on air conditioning when the mercury rises is enough to warm anyone’s heart.

Using dampers to control the zones you set up in your house can keep each person cool and calm or cozy and warm in the rooms that they use most often. When everyone has their own thermostat, they each get exactly what they want. A friendly technician from Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning can install and explain the Debary zoned air conditioning unit and help you set up each zone for maximum comfort all year long. Now you don’t have to imagine the home that gives you all what you want, with a Debary zoned air conditioning system, it can be yours.