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DeBary Air Conditioning Installation and Repair

Posted on: August 6, 2013

As the summer heat descends on Floridians once again, they will be looking for technicians who can ensure that the all-important air conditioning unit are in optimal condition. Property owners should begin by finding workers who are familiar with various manufacturing brands. Reputable contractors will generally be able to work on all facets of heating and cooling systems. By following a few effective tips, property owners can locate a contracting business that both installs and repairs cooling units with breathtaking efficiency. Having found a company with an established track record of success, individuals should ask for a preliminary price quote before the work begins.

Hand setting digital thermostat

Individuals will want to begin the search by looking for contractors who have received NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certification. Certified workers will have demonstrated the ability to work on problems related to heating, cooling, refrigeration, and ventilation. Contractors who are partnered with Energy Star will be able to install and repair whole systems by using the latest energy-efficient technology. New equipment can bring down utility bills and ultimately put money back in the pockets of home owners. Many contractors also belong to the ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America), which is the biggest HVAC contractor group in the country.


The installation of a new air conditioning system is a complex task that should only be undertaken by professionals. In addition to treating the house with respect, qualified contractors will adhere to a standard checklist as they go along. A full evacuation of the system, for example, will prevent compressors from failing before they should. Professionals will also conduct leak tests after the air conditioner has been wholly installed. Such tests will ensure that the refrigerant does not escape from the unit. Systems that leak will be inefficient and will inevitably end up costing property owners extra money in the long run.

Quality contractors will also use durable component parts that are necessary for a fully functioning air conditioner. New refrigerant lines and properly manufactured copper tubing, for example, are both needed. Older refrigerant lines can lead to obstructions and contamination. If the tubing is not properly evacuated it can lead to the breakdown of valuable parts within months or even weeks. Qualified companies will also install a digital thermostat, which should allow the entire system temperature to be more even.  Digital thermostats are not only more accurate, they are environmentally friendly with no mercury.  Older thermostats contain mercury and must be properly disposed of.


Like much of the rest of eastern Florida, the DeBary area can become quite hot and humid, especially during June, July, August and September. Individuals with cooling units will thus want to ensure that regular maintenance is performed. Contractors will generally examine condensate pumps and gravity flow lines to ensure that water damage is not occurring. Workers will also look at electrical connections, air filters, fan blades, and capacitors. When vital parts are cleaned and maintained according to the guidelines set out in the manual, property owners will gain quite a bit of efficiency going forward. They will also be able to reduce their carbon footprint, which many people will no doubt find extraordinarily important.


Property owners with underperforming cooling units will likely want to have the appropriate repairs made within a day or two. Some contractors offer better service options than others. If the entire system has begun to leak or has completely shut down, individuals may want to strongly consider a company that offers after-hours labor. Even if the situation is not deemed to be an emergency, families will still want to procure a contractor who can come to the house at a specific time. This way, residence owners will not be required to remain at home waiting all day. Expert HVAC technicians will be skilled enough to identify and resolve any problems within a reasonable number of hours.

Honesty and Integrity

Reputable companies that intend to remain in business will almost always have a central shop or warehouse. Honest contractors will also generally be able to examine the house and perform a cooling-load calculation, which will affect the cost of the installation itself. Property owners should also ask for a written bid before the work begins.

Most new systems come with monetary guarantees. If certain component parts wear out within a specific time period, the contracting company will usually fix the problem for free. By looking for contractors who are skilled, experienced, knowledgeable, and courteous, desperate families should be capable of putting their air conditioning woes to rest rather quickly. With the temperature regulated once again, they can happily return to their daily routines without a care in the world.