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DeLand AC Repair Tips

Posted on: June 11, 2013

If your central air conditioning system isn’t cooling, there are a few things you can do yourself to try to repair the problem. While most air conditioning repairs require a certified air conditioning technician, you can handle some simple repairs yourself, including for the following problems with these DeLand AC repair tips.

Old fashion thermostat showing 95 degrees

Air Conditioner not Cooling?

This is one of the easiest DeLand AC repair tips to do yourself. If your central air conditioning system is running, but not cooling, it may just need a quick cleaning. Refer to your owner’s manual for cleaning instructions. If you don’t have your owner’s manual, the following cleaning instructions may help.

  1. Turn the power off to your central air conditioning unit at the manual shutoff on the disconnect panel usually located near your unit’s outdoor compressor. You should also turn the power to your air conditioning system off at your main electrical panel. It’s critical that you turn the power off before performing any repairs on your air conditioning system.
  2. Once the power is off, remove any dirt, leaves, or debris from your outdoor condenser and trim any branches or landscaping blocking the airflow.
  3. Make sure you have the power to your air conditioning unit turned off and then remove the protective grille cover from the top of the compressor, being careful not to bend the fan or pull on any wires.
  4. Carefully clean any dirt, leaves, or debris from the fins of the fan. Then with a small vacuum cleaner attachment, vacuum any remaining dirt from inside the unit.
  5. Replace the protective grille cover.
  6. Turn the power to your air conditioning unit back on at the manual switch on the disconnect panel and at your main electrical panel.
  7. Run your air conditioning unit as usual. If it doesn’t cool after cleaning, it’s time to call in a professional technician.

Water Builds Up Beside Air Conditioner

A significant amount of condensation exits high efficiency air conditioning systems through a small plastic tube that connects to a drain or a condensation pump. If water builds up at the base of your air conditioning system, the problem is usually either something blocking the water as it flows from the drain or with a malfunctioning pump. Check your owner’s manual for troubleshooting tips for handling water buildup. The following DeLand AC repair tips may also help.

  1. Inspect the plastic tube and drain to see if they’re leaking. If so, they’ll need to be replaced by a professional technician.
  2. If you have a condensation pump, pour water into the pan. If the pump doesn’t come on quickly to start pumping the water out, it’s likely that either your pump isn’t working or you have an interruption in power to your pump. Make sure the pump is plugged in and that the circuit isn’t tripped. If the pump isn’t working and there is no interruption of power, the pump will probably need to be replaced by a professional technician.
  3. If your pump does power up, but fails to pump out the water from the pan, something is probably wrong with the check valve. Check to see if it’s clogged. If not, it probably needs to be replaced by a professional technician.
  4. Look for ice buildup that may be blocking the tube, drain, or check valve. It’s common for air conditioning units to freeze up, especially when the filter is extremely dirty. Check the filter and replace it if necessary. If you have ice buildup and your filter is clean, call a professional air conditioning technician to come check your refrigerant level.

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