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DeLand Air Conditioning Repairs

Posted on: March 1, 2016

When it comes to DeLand air conditioning repairs, Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning is your best option for repairing all brands of heating and air conditioning equipment. We work on everything from central air conditioning units to gas furnaces and even pool pumps.

We know quality is important in heating and air conditioning units. That’s why we only carry and install the highest quality equipment at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning, including Trane, Amana, Ruud, Lennox, and Carrier. While these are the brands we recommend, we can service any brand of heating or cooling system.

DeLand Air Conditioning Repairs


Never Put Off DeLand Air Conditioning Repairs

If your air conditioning system isn’t working properly, it’s important that you never postpone calling Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning for a service visit. Putting off repairs can be dangerous to your bank account as small repairs turn into huge problems that may even require you to replace your system altogether.

The main reason most people postpone DeLand air conditioning repairs is because they’re anxious about the cost. Along with considering the fact that a small problem can quickly turn into the need for a brand new system, keep in mind that if you put off repairs when your system isn’t working properly it’s probably costing you much more money to run each month in utility bills than it may cost to repair. Many times, you can actually save money by calling us for DeLand air conditioning repairs. Besides, the last thing you want here in the heart of Florida during the summer is for your air conditioner to stop working.

Here are three common issues that usually just require small DeLand air conditioning repairs.

Decreased Performance

If your air conditioner seems like it’s working extra hard just to keep your home cool, DeLand air conditioning repairs can probably save you money each month on your electricity bills. If you have to crank up your air conditioning just to get your home a little bit cooler, it’s probably costing you big month after month.

Your air conditioning system shouldn’t have to work so hard. DeLand air conditioning repairs can probably get it working as efficiently as when it was brand new. Not only that, but whatever is causing the decreased performance will probably just get worse over time, so you can potentially avoid having to replace your entire unit.

Fluid Leaks

Another sign you need DeLand air conditioning repairs is if you see any type of fluid leaks or buildup. It could just be water from a clogged hose, or may be a serious problem like refrigerant leakage. Either way, it’s important to call Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning to find out what’s going on to keep leaks at bay and your system in top shape.

Strange Noises

If you hear strange noises coming from your air conditioner, it’s time for a service call. Even if your air conditioning unit seems to be working fine, any type of strange noise such as humming, clinking, or buzzing is a sign that something’s going wrong. Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning technicians can diagnose what’s causing the noise and fix it so it doesn’t worsen the performance of your unit.

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