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DeLand Comfortmaker AC Service

Posted on: March 9, 2015

Secure DeLand Comfortmaker AC service that puts repairs in the past and comfort in the present. When you work with Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning, our expert technicians put their quality, comprehensive training to the test, uncovering unique comfort problems that befuddle our competitors. Some of the more common AC problems that require service include the following.

DeLand Comfortmaker AC Service

Refrigerant leaks – Comfortmaker AC Service

An air conditioner that leaks refrigerant is not only releasing a hazardous gas into the environment, but it means the AC isn’t operating efficiently either. In fact, an air conditioner that is low on refrigerant can lose cooling capacity as well as consume more energy to operate. The solution, however, isn’t to simply add more refrigerant.

The skilled technicians at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning will test the refrigerant charge to assess the level and evaluate the refrigerant lines to ascertain the source of the problem. We will seal up or replace leaky lines and properly charge the system with the right amount of refrigerant, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Lack of maintenance

When homeowners ignore maintenance, it’s not uncommon to find problems that result from neglect. As dirt builds up on the coils, it can hinder heat transfer, compromising the air conditioner’s capacity to cool the home and causing the system to consume more energy to run. Eventually, dirty coils can decrease the system’s useful life span, causing it to break down more frequently too. At Jacob’s, our technicians offer comprehensive maintenance service that includes a full scale inspection of the system and a thorough cleaning of its parts and components.

Electrical problems

When an air conditioner cycles on and off frequently, either due to improper usage, installation or sizing, it wears on the electrical components such as the fan controls or compressor. Corrosion is also common, causing problems with the terminals or wires. When your air conditioner needs repaired, our experts will assess its electrical components and uncover the root of the problem.

Drainage issues

Air conditioners deal with a lot of moisture. In fact, its primary function is to remove heat energy and moisture from a space. Air conditioners are equipped with a condensate drain to usher moisture out of the system. When this drain becomes blocked, problems ensue. In addition, in very humid climates, it’s not uncommon for algae to form in the condensate drain. Your Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning technician can treat the algae and clear out the drain to ensure that the system functions properly and continues to dehumidify the home.

Don’t suffer with an uncomfortable home because you’re avoiding repairing the air conditioner. Get expert help from your neighborhood AC professionals. For the best service, repair or maintenance service around, contact Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning. We service Comfortmaker air conditioners using the best practices in the cooling industry. Remember, Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning services Orange City, DeBary, Deltona, Lake Helen, Astor, Pierson and Deleon Springs areas, too.