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DeLand Ductless Air Conditioning

Posted on: June 27, 2013

Modern air conditioner manufacturers produce a variety of products to keep your Florida home cool. Options include central air conditioners, Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning, or HVAC, systems, window units and ductless air conditioning systems.

Ductless Air Conditioning

About Ductless Air Conditioning

If you need an air conditioning unit and your home does not feature duct work from a prior system, then you may want to consider purchasing a ductless air conditioner. If you have a hard to cool area, such as an enclosed porch, or an upstairs bonus room, a ductless unit may be the perfect answer.  The system type will keep your home’s interior temperatures comfortable throughout the year. Also, manufacturers make them in different styles with a variety of features.

Types of Ductless Air Conditioners

You can choose several types of ductless systems such as wall, ceiling and floor-mounted units. A wall-mounted system will sit flush against your wall to create a streamlined appearance. You can select the model for a single room or multi-room installation. With a ceiling model, you’ll have a system that provides consistent temperatures throughout your home. You can also select a floor-mounted unit, which will eliminate visual clutter from your home’s walls and ceilings.

Installation Details

A ductless air conditioning unit includes two main sections that work together to send cold air into your home. Your installation expert will place the cooling unit inside your home and the compressor outside. He or she will then connect the two sections with a conduit, which features a drain, power cable and refrigerant tubing.

Ductless air conditioning units include a set of refrigerant lines that run between the system’s inside and outside sections.  Moreover, the lines remove the heat from inside the home and dissipate it to the outside.


Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioners

A ductless unit offers several advantages over traditional systems. For instance, the unit features a convenient remote control. In addition, due to the system’s setup, you can program each section to emit different air temperatures in different rooms of your home. For instance, if you sleep better when it’s cold, then you can set your bedroom unit at a lower temperature. The system also has a timer. Therefore, you can program it to increase your home’s temperature while you’re at work during the day and decrease the temperature just before you come home. By programming the system around the time when you’re at home, you’ll decrease your utility bills. The system also features fans that run at variable speeds to cool your entire home.

A ductless air conditioning unit is easier to install since major construction is not required. Also, with this unit type, you’ll pay to cool only the areas of your home that you use. The system takes up less room than other units. Consequently, it can fit into tighter spaces. The noise making section will be installed on the exterior of your home, and as a result, the ductless unit is one of the quietest systems that you can buy.

Ductless Air Conditioner Features

Ductless air conditioning systems offer features that are similar to central air units. For instance, the system includes an air filter, which will prevent potentially harmful particles from circulating in your home’s air. The system’s air filter is removable. Therefore, you can clean it regularly to maintain your home’s air quality. The system also includes rotary fans to decrease the unit’s noise.

Other features include power saving controls and a fan only option to circulate air throughout your home. The fan only option does not cool the air, so when it is activated, it uses less electricity, which will reduce your utility expenses. Environmentally friendly models are available as they use refrigerant R410A instead of R-22 refrigerant. You can even purchase a ductless unit that includes a dehumidifier, a deodorizer and an air purifier.

Sizing Tips

Before you buy a ductless unit, contact an installation expert to help you buy the right system size. To determine the proper unit size, your installation professional will consider your home’s square footage, area’s climate and home’s insulation as well as the number of people living in your residence. The number of windows that you have will also be included in your home’s ductless air conditioner assessment. Keep in mind that an average size home will require three wall units to cool the entire residence.


The cost of your ductless air conditioning unit will vary based upon the size of your home and the features that you decide to add. Moreover, a ductless air conditioning system will keep your Florida home cool without the intricate construction that other units require.