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DeLand Florida Commercial HVAC Contractors

Posted on: February 8, 2014

Dependable and reliable service is what customers demand in DeLand Florida for their heating and air conditioning needs. Through decades of customer satisfaction, Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning has been able to deliver that and so much more. Jacob HAC’s reputation precedes them as an authorized dealer for all of the major brands. They are also known for the personal attention they render to each customer, assuring that every need is satisfied.

DeLand Florida Commercial HVAC Contractors

The Jacob’s Difference

At Jacob HAC they offer advice on how to make sure you’re getting the best company for your installation needs. When making your choice, asking is very important in the process. Find out about their experience and if there are others who used their services. Get their honest opinion of the person or company you are considering hiring for the job. A background check is not out of the question either. There are many reliable resources that will offer help in that area. There are also ways to make sure that the technicians on the job are “industry certified.” This way you will get better service because these individuals have more experience.

Once your a/c equipment is installed, maintenance is critical to promoting the highest quality of operation. Maintenance agreements are useful for scheduled visits to inspect, troubleshoot, and tune up your system. You want efficiency and you want to feel secure in knowing that your system will work when you need it, especially from season to season. Jacob HAC has a Residential Planned Maintenance Program that offers you discounts on emergency repairs without charging overtime rates up to 9:00 pm.  This kind of service can only be offered by a company with high standards for customer satisfaction.

The professionals at Jacob HAC also suggest that you use caution when it’s time for price quotes. Some contractors in DeLand Florida may price the job according to previous jobs they have done. Cost should be determined based on your home’s cooling capacity for each room. Service plans or warranties should take effect immediately at the end of the warranty period, so you must inquire about possible services that are available after hours.

Commitment to the Community

Jacob HAC has been a fixture in this Florida community. From its humble beginnings in 1921, the man that the company is named for (Rudolph Jacob) began this company by installing metal roofs, doing gutter work, and heating and air duct work. Mr. Jacob would transport sheet metal from Iowa down to DeLand Florida. This began the company called “Jacob Sheet Metal Works.” Through 90 years of dedication this company is still serving the DeLand community.

Jacob HVAC Commercial Installations

The evolution of this great company has allowed it to grow with the changing industry. Custom designs have been created with the use of galvanized sheet metal, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum. They now service commercial and industrial businesses, as well as smaller jobs in-house. Fiberglass ducts are now used along with the sheet metal duct work, which enhances the durability and quality according to Jacob HAC standards. Most recently the industry standard has embraced the development of an alternative refrigerant, which makes for a much safer atmosphere and upgrades the efficiency of the air conditioning systems.

Experience and professionalism trumps all at Jacob HAC. They know that to assure you’re getting the best service, their technicians are NATE Certified. This industry certification validates each technicians’ ability to troubleshoot and problem-solve any situation where they are called to perform. From the major air conditioning and heating manufacturers to all swimming pool heat pumps and heaters, the experts at Jacob HAC are equipped to handle the job.

As an Angie’s List 2010 and 2011 Service Award winner, Jacob HAC believes in putting the customer first. Their two-hour appointment window avoids having a customer experience excessive waiting for the arrival of their technicians. Their After Hours Emergency Service offers convenience in not having you suffer in extreme cold or hot weather conditions. Technicians are available and on-call to service your system in your time of need. If a technician finds that a system is irreparable, at Jacob HAC you are offered an upgrade or system replacement.

Choosing the Best DeLand Florida Commercial HVAC Contractors

Statistically speaking on the matter of system replacement, it has been duly noted that out of 100% of homeowners, 28% noticed the difference in performance of their replaced systems, while the remaining 72% were left not knowing why their system was replaced. For this reason it is important for homeowners to feel secure in knowing that their investment in their new system is safe and sound. At Jacob HAC, they guarantee it. So, take some time to call and schedule your appointment today. You will be glad you did.