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DeLand Florida Heat Pump AC Service

Posted on: July 13, 2015

While heat pumps are a relative newcomer to the heating and cooling scene, they’re not new to Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ve been offering trusted DeLand Florida Heat Pump AC service to homeowners across West Volusia County. Find out what makes the Jacob way a unique experience for each and every customer.

DeLand Florida Heat Pump AC Service

While heat pumps operate under the same general principles of refrigeration as air conditioners, they hold unique differences that require an expert approach for service, maintenance and repair. Our technicians under rigorous training to learn the intricacies of heat pumps and we hold specialty NATE certification for heat pump service and installation.

We also offer convenient customer-oriented policies to give you the ultimate AC experience. On a hot summer day, no homeowner wants to suffer through a hot, clammy home while awaiting AC service. Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning provides fast emergency service so you don’t have to wait for the next available appointment. We’ll get to the bottom of your DeLand Florida Heat Pump AC Service problem quickly and implement an effective repair strategy.

Noticing that the AC is getting sluggish, not producing cold air like it used to, or energy bills are climbing? Contact us for an appointment and we’ll offer you a guaranteed two-hour appointment window. No more waiting around, flipping through the TV channels, wondering when the service guy is coming. We’ll arrive when we promise to, and get your AC back up and running to its capacity.

Getting to the bottom of problems

When your heat pump is having problems, contact Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning for fast and efficient service. We’ll get to the bottom of problems like:
DeLand Florida Heat Pump AC Service

  • No cool air coming from registers.
  • Not enough cooling.
  • No cooling at all.
  • The heat pump is running but not producing cold air.
  • A complete breakdown.
  • Ice on the outdoor coils.
  • And more.

Preventive maintenance

The single, most beneficial service we recommend to homeowners is preventive maintenance. Simply by scheduling a spring tune-up for your heat pump every year, you’ll help the system run more efficiently, longer and to its capacity. The return on investment is significant too. Most experts agree that a well-maintained AC can last as much as five years longer than a system that’s neglected. So the money you spend on maintenance goes back into your pocket in terms of getting more service life out of it.

Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning is happy to offer superior DeLand Florida Heat Pump AC service. Whether you’ve noticed a decline in the system or it’s shut down completely, give us a call to schedule service, a repair or maintenance. We’re happy to walk you through the options for repairs, talk to you about replacing worn components, or guide you through upgrade options. Remember, Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning serves homeowners in the Orange City, DeBary, Deltona, Lake Helen, Astor, Pierson and Deleon Springs areas, too.