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DeLand Janitrol AC Service

Posted on: May 8, 2015

Get ahead of air conditioner problems and talk to Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning about DeLand Janitrol AC service. We maintain the highest standards of excellence for our technicians, we require that all of our technicians hold the coveted NATE certification, and we always put our customers first. For the best of the best in DeLand Janitrol AC service, repair or maintenance, you can trust Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning.

DeLand Janitrol AC service

DeLand Janitrol AC Service


  • Are you struggling from a hot, stuffy home?
  • Are some of the rooms in your home too hot?
  • Do you notice air conditioning bills spiraling out of control?
  • Has it been awhile since you serviced your AC?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, your AC could be struggling to operate. There could be an issue with the refrigerant, thermostat, drainage, filter or other component that’s causing the system to operate at a lower efficiency or capacity. It could be on the brink of failing, if it hasn’t already.

With help from Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning, our team of expert air conditioning technicians will evaluate the system and reach an accurate diagnosis. We’ll talk to you about possible options, such as replacing parts, cleaning the system, or upgrading, and help you run the numbers to determine the best course of action.

Maintaining your Janitrol AC

The best way to avoid having to hire DeLand Janitrol AC service is to maintain the air conditioner. Ideally, you should schedule air conditioner service every year to keep the system running at optimal levels and producing enough cooling to keep your household comfortable.

What does the preventive service entail? Here are just some of the steps our technician follow during a comprehensive inspection and cleaning:

  • Check the thermostat, ensuring that it causes the AC to cycle on when it’s in cooling mode and the temperature setting is accurate.
  • Inspect electrical connections, looking for loose or faulty connections and measuring voltage and current.
  • Lubricate parts, as moving parts require lubrication to operate smoothly.
  • Check the condensate drain for blockages and removing any buildup.
  • Test the controls.
  • Clean the condenser and evaporator coils, ensuring they facilitate heat transfer and cooling capacity.
  • Test the refrigerant charge and inspect the lines for damage.
  • Check the blower, ensuring that sufficient airflow moves through the system.

We won’t leave you unsupported over the 364 days of the year when we’re not in your home. There are maintenance steps you can take to keep the AC in good condition. During the service visit, we’ll walk you through how to:

  • Change the AC filter.
  • Check the outdoor coils.
  • Straighten the fins, if they’re bent.
  • Clear the area around the condenser.
  • Check and clear the condensate drain.

With Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning on your side, you can expect top notch service and HVAC expertise. Give us a call today to schedule a preventive maintenance appointment, or to talk to us about your DeLand Janitrol AC service problems. Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning serves homeowners in the Orange City, DeBary, Deltona, Lake Helen, Astor, Pierson and Deleon Springs areas, too.