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What is a Deltona Air Handler?

Posted on: April 8, 2017

Have you recently been told that you need to replace the Deltona air handler in your HVAC system? If you haven’t heard this term before, then you might be curious about what an air handler is and how it works.

Units without an Air Handler

In the past, cooling and heating systems worked independently of one another. It was Deltona air handlernecessary to have a separate heater and air conditioner in your home. Many homes in Florida only have the air conditioner without the heater since the weather doesn’t get cold enough to make a heater a necessity.

Nowadays, HVAC systems can be designed so that both the heating and cooling elements can be integrated into the same system. In this large unit, you have the full control to manage any temperature that you desire. Typically, these big machines will include a Deltona air handler, which controls the job of several other pieces often used in standard systems.

Having an air handler installed is beneficial because it simplifies the machine. Many owners and contractors find it convenient to have this type of system.

How a Deltona Air Handler Works

Often shortened to “AHU,” this device conditions the air and then circulates it throughout a building. It is an integral part of the ventilation, heating, cooling, and filtration system.

There are several important elements included in the air handler: cooling elements, heating elements, a blower, chambers or filter racks, dampers, and sound attenuators. These parts work together to make up the main functions of the system.

Air Filtration for Your Home or Office

One of the biggest benefits of using an air handler is that it offers air filtration to improve the quality of your air. Whether you are worried about pollution or you are looking for a way to proactively improve your health, air filtration is a huge benefit. These tools can be integrated into your HVAC system so that you don’t need to manage a separate filter.

In most situations, an AHU has a complex filtration system that can successfully remove up to 99% of the harmful particles found in the air. The first step is to trap the large particles; then the air passes over a field that is electrically charged to capture smaller particles. Finally, the air passes through an additional system that targets the smallest particles. The result is high-quality air that flows out of your vents and into your home.

For the best results, you might consider having the vents cleaned when you install an air handler and filtration system. Also, it is important to replace the air filters on a regular basis to maintain the quality of the air.

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