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Is Leaky Ductwork Costing You Money? Call a Deltona Commercial HVAC Service

Posted on: December 15, 2016

A business office or commercial building depends on the ductwork to move heated or cooled air throughout the building. The ducts are essential to vent exhaust, temperature, and air quality in each room. Over time, it is possible that the ducts might begin to leak, which could increase your monthly utility costs. If you want to decrease your monthly expenses, right now is a great time to call a Deltona commercial HVAC service.

Signs of Leaky DuctsDeltona Commercial HVAC Service

How do you know if the ducts in your office building are leaking? There are three potential signs that could indicate that you need to call a Deltona commercial HVAC service:

  1. Uncomfortable Temperature: Do you feel like you are always taking off your sweater or adjusting the thermostat to change the temperature inside? When the ducts are leaking, it means that the cool air isn’t effectively moving to all parts of the building. If you notice that the temperature drastically changes in different rooms, you may want to call an HVAC company to work on the system.
  2. Unusual Noises: When the air conditioner kicks on, are there unusual noises that you can hear in certain areas of the building? If the ducts are leaking, it could cause different sounds than what you are accustomed to hearing when the system is operating normally.
  3. High Utility Bills: Have you noticed that your monthly utility bills have gone up? Watch the costs each month, and call a Deltona commercial HVAC service if the bill is unusually high. If the area is going through a heat wave, it makes sense that the electricity costs will go up. But, if the outdoor temperatures are dropping and your utility bill increases or stays the same, it may indicate that something could be wrong.

These signs don’t necessarily mean that there is an issue with your ducts or your HVAC system for that matter. But, it never hurts to call a professional team for a quick inspection—just in case.

Why Do You Have Leaky Ductwork?

Why does the ductwork become leaky in your commercial building? There are several causes that might result in small leaks in the system. Moisture is one concern in the humid weather here in Florida. When the humidity comes in contact with the cool air, condensation occurs. Eventually, the condensation can lead to leaks developing in the system.

Stress and corrosion are two other potential causes of ductwork leaks, especially in older buildings. If the HVAC system isn’t properly maintained each year, this could also potentially cause stress on the ducts and lead to damage. Regular repair and maintenance can help you avoid these problems.

There is nothing worse than finding an infestation in the building. Bugs or animals can leave holes in the ducts. Even if the damage is minor, it can have a major impact on the overall system.

Deltona Commercial HVAC Service

Whether you are dealing with leaky ductwork or another problem, it is important that you talk to our team of experts. Call us at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning for more information about the services that we can offer you and your office building: 386-337-3502