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How To Save Money On Pierson Central Air

Posted on: February 22, 2016

At some point every homeowner will be faced with costly home repairs. It can be so Pierson Central Airtempting to try fixing the issue yourself, or recruiting the help of your “weekend warrior” neighbor who swears it was easy. When it comes to your Pierson central air conditioning system, trust the experts at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning. We guarantee our trained technicians can make needed repairs and suggest replacement options when the time comes.

Summer Time Savings On Pierson Central Air

As the summer heat comes rolling in following these simple tips can keep your family cool without breaking the bank.

First, choose the right size Pierson central air unit for your home. This detail cannot be overlooked. Sure, you can hop on Google and find a chart, that might work. But but don’t be surprised if you have one room in the house that’s always hot and stuffy. Only a professional can tell you with certainty that irregular shaped or large rooms will be accounted for with the BTU cooling power of the unit you select.

Second, a professionally installed and maintained Pierson central air unit will be most effective with lower energy costs by adding a ceiling fan. Modern ceiling fans cost less than a penny an hour to run and will keep you feeling three to eight degrees cooler.

Third, if your unit is older than 10 years or so, consider having it replaced. A specially trained Jacob technician is uniquely qualified to help you select an energy efficient model that can save you up to $60 per year over the life of the unit!

An Ounce Of Prevention

How accurate is your thermostat? Is it programmed to meet your household specific needs? When was the last time the air filter was changed? Is your compressor well oiled? What about the exhaust lines? Any or all of these factors can be costing you money every month. Not to mention, the air in your home won’t be as clean and comfortable. If you haven’t signed up for routine maintenance visits, your Pierson central air unit may not be running as efficiently as it could. An overworked unit costs more and could be working too hard to get the job done. Not only are your bills higher but an overworked unit won’t last as long.

Your neighbor probably did a pretty good job with his last home improvement project but how long do you think it will last? Would repairing or fixing your AC unit yourself save you money? You may realize savings in the very beginning, but over the life of the unit, you will pay. You will pay in the way of higher energy costs and more repairs down the line. You might even find yourself shopping for a replacement far sooner than you would like.

When it comes to your Pierson central air conditioning unit, you need a company you can trust. You need a guarantee. You need to know repairs and maintenance have been done properly. You need Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning.