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Modernize Your Home with Wi-Fi Thermostat Smartphone Apps

Posted on: July 31, 2017

Do you feel like your home will be like the Jetsons if you install Wi-Fi thermostat smartphone apps? Many homeowners love the idea of integrating modern features into older homes. Technology has transformed our way of living. So, it makes sense that you should maximize the benefits of the upgrade options that are available.

If you don’t have a smart thermostat, then right now is a great time to make this upgrade in your home. It is a simple installation, and you will love the results once you learn how to use it. Do you have questions about the features? Then you are always welcome to contact your HVAC repair and maintenance team here at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioner.

Wi-Fi Thermostat Smartphone AppsOld Thermostats vs. New Features

What are the modern features that you can expect if you choose to install one of these new apps? It is amazing to see the control that is available for your HVAC system.

Old thermostats require that you control the temperature from a box located on the wall. Some of these thermostats have a simple dial that is set to the temperature that you desire. Other thermostats are designed to be programmable so that you can set the temperature during various times during the day.

The big drawback to these old tools is that you need to walk up to the wall to make the temperature changes that are needed. For example, if you are in bed and the house is too hot, then you will need to get out of bed to change the temperature so that you can cool down your bedroom.

Modern Features from Wi-Fi Thermostat Smartphone Apps

When you invest in a new smart thermostat for your home, you will notice many benefits that are available for your family. Here are a few things that you will love from Wi-Fi thermostat smartphone apps:

  • Global Access: It doesn’t matter where you are located because you have the option to adjust the thermostat from anywhere in the world. When the kids are at home, and you need to adjust the temperature for the baby sitter, then you can make that change using your smartphone.
  • Plan Ahead: Make sure that your home is comfortable when you arrive home from work. You can log into the app while at the office to set the temperature that you desire when you get home. The air conditioner will kick on before you get home, creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for your family.
  • Reduce Utility Costs: How much are you spending every month on utilities? If you are tired of high monthly expenses, then you need to look for Wi-Fi thermostat smartphone apps. These tools can be used so that you can program the HVAC system to save money when you aren’t at home.

There are many other benefits to installing these tools in your home. When you are ready to learn more, the easiest solution is to talk to our team here at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning. Schedule a consultation, and we will gladly provide a free estimate for your new thermostat. Call today: 386-337-3502