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Need A Debary Gas Furnace?

Posted on: October 20, 2015

Winter is fast approaching and with the heavier blankets on the bed comes the concern of your old gas furnace. Is this the year it becomes unsafe to operate? Does it work anymore at all? Is that natural gas I smell when I turn it on? At Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning, this scenario is all too familiar. Installing a new natural gas furnace didn’t seem like a complicated task at the time. The process has now turned into a nightmare. The highly trained technicians at Jacob are here to help.

First Things First With A Debary Gas Furnace

Debary Gas FurnaceNatural gas furnaces can be dangerous and extreme caution must be used at all times. A professional should be called in to assess the existing insulation and duct work to ensure these components are adequate for the harsh winter months. If it turns out that your home is better suited for an oil furnace, specific installation information can be found here. The Debary gas furnace is available in different sizes to keep the space comfortable and you’ll need to make certain that the proper size for your home has been selected.

Once these items have been accounted for, the real work can begin. A Jacob expert will locate and shut off the gas to the existing furnace. When the old unit is gone, the new Debary gas furnace can be aligned with the duct work and make sure all the gas pipes are of proper size. (New furnaces are smaller and more efficient than the older ones.)

Installation and Leak Checks

The technician will locate and establish lines for return air and make certain that all necessary cuts are made for proper operation. An expert will decide what precautions need to be taken based on the location of the Debary gas furnace in the house. Installations in the attic require different setup and equipment than installations in the basement.

At this point the vent pipes and condensation drainage lines will be attached using the glues and sealants recommended by the manufacturer. Now the gas line can be connected. When secure, a leak solution will be used to check connection points. Your sense of smell can also be a valuable tool for detecting natural gas leaks. If at any point after installation a smell of rotten eggs is detected, professional attention is required.

Once proper drainage has been ensured and the entire installation process is complete, Jacob representatives are careful to leave the home as clean as it was when they arrived. When using a trustworthy installation and repair company, the worry of debris leftover and footprints are all but eliminated. A new Debary gas furnace will save on your energy costs as well as give you peace of mind as all installations are guaranteed.

While you’re packing away your shorts and flip flops in exchange for sweaters and boots, take a moment to consider your furnace. The time to upgrade to a new Debary gas furnace is now. The professional technicians at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning are happy to assist you in all HVAC installations, repairs and maintenance aspects.