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Why You Need a Pierson Heat Pump in Your Air Conditioning System

Posted on: March 29, 2017

If your home is like many others in the state of Florida, you likely only have an air conditioning system without the integration of a heating element. The weather is warm all year long, so most people don’t need access to a heater in their home.  When you only have an air conditioner installed, why would it be necessary to replace a Pierson heat pump in your HVAC system? Don’t be fooled by the word “heat” in the part name. Heat pumps are often used in air conditioning systems as well.

Here are a few reasons why the heat pump is an important part of your air conditioning system:

Moving Cool Air through Your Home or Office

A Pierson heat pump is an important tool, that moves both cool and warm airPierson heat pump through the building. This device uses a little bit of energy to transfer heat from one place to another.  The warm air is pulled out of the ground to heat the building, when the system is used as a heater. But, the function can be reversed to cool a building.

One advantage to a pump is that you can have both heating and cooling functions without the need to install separate systems. If you live in a cooler area in Florida, you might consider using this type of system instead of installing a heater.

Energy Efficiency Benefits of a Pierson Heat Pump

Choosing a heat pump system in your home is beneficial.  It provides an energy efficient way to manage the temperature inside. Many homeowners are concerned about how their daily energy consumption will impact the environment. The more energy you use to generate hot or cold air, the bigger the impact on the environment.

So, if you are worried about your carbon footprint, you should consider using a heat pump system. Why do these systems work so efficiently? Since the pump is transferring the heat instead of creating it, less energy is needed. The system isn’t using fuel to generate heat. Instead it is moving the heat from one place to another.

In addition to HVAC systems, heat pumps are often used in other home and office applications as well. For example, they are often integrated into swimming pools or hot tubs.

Do you Need a Heat Pump?

Is it a good idea to install a heat pump in your home? The best thing that you can do is talk to an experienced HVAC team to learn more. These systems typically work best when used in moderate climates. So, if you are in a consistently hot area of Florida, it may not be useful to install a Pierson Heat Pump.

If you need assistance with the installation of a new air conditioning system or your current system needs to be repaired, Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help! We will gladly schedule a time to come to your home and provide the repair work that is needed. Call us today: 386-337-3502