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Do Orange City AC UV lights for AC system Work?

Posted on: July 29, 2016

Over the decades, UV light has been used to improve the air quality for HVAC systems in homes. However, most homeowners wonder if Orange City AC UV light can effectively destroy or rather kill mold and bacteria in these systems.

First, it is important for you to have a clear understanding on the priorities of air quality within a home and the various types of UV lights that can be used for HVAC systems. Most homeowners spend more than half of the day indoors yet they do not know that the air inside their home could be more polluted compared to the air outside.

Orange City AC UV light

Let’s begin by responding to the question above: Does it work? Yes. Orange City AC UV light is very effective in controlling bacteria and mold within the air handler of an AC system. It ensures that all the existing bacteria and mold is destroyed thus leaving the coil clean. Please note that the Orange City AC UV light will only kill the mold and bacteria that is within the line-of sight of the bulb. You will discover that the air quality in your home begins to deteriorate when the UV bulb burns-out.

The UV light bulb can last for over a year. You should therefore do your replacement during each annual AC service. It is necessary that you be in control of the air quality inside your home.

Types of Orange City AC UV lights for AC systems

  • Air Sterilization. This is a full UV light unit that can sterilize air inside your home. You should install the complete unit in the return air duct and make sure it is cycling along with the air handler blower.
  • Coil sterilization. This type runs throughout the day and is the commonly used UV light. You should install it inside the return air duct for it to sterilize the coil.

While UV lights will help you destroy the bacteria, molds, and germs, ensure you take full charge of the air quality inside your home by:

  • Sealing all ductwork during construction or maintenance.
  • Installing your duct system in a well-conditioned place.
  • Installing Orange City AC UV light in your AC system.
  • Installing the required filters.
  • Conducting maintenance on a regular basis after which you change filters and clean the coil

Benefits of Orange City AC UV light.

  • Reduces smells and odors
  • Controls mold and bacteria
  • Improves the efficiency of cooling and reduces energy costs
  • Reduces colds and prevents the re-circulation of germs by the AC system

AC UV lights are what you need to effectively deal with molds and bacteria in your home. They can help you to improve indoor air quality. However, it is necessary still for you to follow the requirements of maintaining good air quality in your home. Install an Orange City AC UV light for a healthier experience and improved air quality.