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Top Debary AC Air Purifier

Posted on: August 18, 2015

Did you know that there is an easy way to purify the air throughout your entire home? That’s right! Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning can install a Debary AC Air Purifier to remove common airborne allergens and dirt from your home. This will not only keep your family healthier, neutralize unpleasant odors and help your air conditioning unit to run more efficiently but requires no extra power.

Debary AC Air Purifier Equals Healthy Air

Debary AC Air Purifiers

Dust, mold spores, pollen, bacteria and even pet dander are all potential respiratory irritants for everyone in your home. These germs are circulating in your home through the air you breathe. Ever wonder why you wake up in the morning with a sore throat? These pollutants are a major contributor to sleep disturbances and asthma attacks. Having an air filter professionally installed will trap up to 99 percent of airborne germs including the virus that causes colds. You could be benefiting from cleaner air within hours of installation. Most of these units are compatible with all HVAC units and require little more than routine maintenance. Optimal home comfort and healthy air quality are in your reach.

Neutralize Odor

Fumes from new carpet, a freshly painted living room and even some household cleaners can all make you feel sick. These fumes don’t just smell bad, they actually irritate your airway and lungs. Choosing a filter with a carbon-coated fiber matrix will eliminate household odors and reduce the ground-level ozone (a known lung irritant) by a whopping 50 percent. This means that the air in your home stays fresh and healthy for your entire family. A Debary AC Air Purifier is manufactured to last up to 5 years depending on your selection, so you won’t need to worry about changing the filter in the middle of winter when your heating unit works the hardest. Multiple filters for your AC unit are available to best suit your needs.

Work Smarter Not Harder

A professionally installed Debary AC Air Purifier will help to ensure that your air conditioning unit is operating at maximum efficiency by blocking the dust and particles that can restrict air flow. Clogged filters make the unit work harder to produce the same results you’ve been used to. The best part is that the filter itself requires no additional power to keep your air clean and healthy. No need to worry about another power source or one more gadget that can short circuit. Filter inspection can be performed right along with your regular maintenance checkups. More information on your Aprilaire Filter and required maintenance can be found here.

Maximum efficiency of your air conditioner, healthier, fresh smelling air and lasting results are all possible thanks to a Debary AC Air Purifier. Let the expert technicians at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning help you choose and install the air purifier that will work best for your unit and with your needs in mind. Jacob, a Nate Certified Company, is uniquely equipped to handle the details so you can get back to enjoying your busy life.