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Understanding your Pierson Air Conditioning Refrigerant

Posted on: April 15, 2016

Your Pierson air conditioning refrigerant has some changes that may come, but that is no reason to be scared. At Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning you have a trusted team that will be here to attend to your upcoming changes. Some HVAC contractors may trick you into adding refrigerant as the end all of all fixes, but you may be disappointed at the end when the problem is not fixed.

We have a team of technicians that have product knowledge and have serviced a lot of AC units to know how to troubleshoot. We will look at balancing your charge and adding refrigerant when necessary. When you deal with certified air conditioning technicians, they have the right certification to add conditioning refrigerant to create the right balance.

Leaks and Pierson Air Conditioning Refrigerant

The most popular change that happens with air conditioning units is a leak. An air Pierson Air Conditioning Refrigerantconditioner repair is necessary when you have the refrigerant leaking and this usually happens when your system is aging. Since it takes several steps to repair your Pierson air conditioning refrigerant leak, this repair is best left to a certified team of professionals. Many people also find that it’s faster and easier when you leave it to a technician who can handle the repair in a speedy and right way.

Refrigerant Repair Done by Professionals

When you’re looking at a Pierson air conditioning refrigerant repair, it means that your AC is running low of the refrigerant that circulates through the system to give you that cooling effect. Sometimes our technicians will find that there was not enough charge in the equipment when it was initially installed. Other situations may also cause leaks, but it’s important to know that a simple refill of the leak will not repair the unit. This is why a professional is needed to do a full inspection and find where exactly the leak is happening as well as offer the solutions and steps to go about fixing the leak.

If you use a certified technician, you will be able to avoid further repairs and costs that come with a fix done by a non-professional. In order for you to be back up and running, your Pierson air conditioning refrigerant leak must be found and repaired with additional refrigerant – if a leak is not stopped, it will continue happening.

To run your system at an optimum level, you want to have the manufacturer’s recommended levels. This will save you energy and add more efficiency to the way the equipment runs. Always remember with a refrigerant, if you are undercharged, it is just as much of a problem as an overcharge.

A technician at Jacobs Heating & Air Conditioning will be able to determine this for you. Also, since a Pierson air conditioning refrigerant is not exactly safe for everyone to handle, please allow a technician to handle it and pin point exactly where the leak may be. If your system is running off and on or making funny noises, give us a call so we can troubleshoot any upcoming changes in your refrigerant for you.

Common Signs of Leaks

Individuals who are unsure if they have a refrigerant leak need only to look at the way their system is running. The system likely runs well, which indicates it is not the motor. If it turns on and off, this indicates it is not usually the thermostat. The underlying problem, then, may be the refrigerant.

To find out for sure, call a technician for air conditioning repair. The technician will be able to tell you right away if this is the problem. Refilling the unit is not expensive, but it is essential to repair the leak, too. The cost of this type of service will ultimately depend on the scope of the problem. However, most professionals can offer a clear quote for the service if you request it before getting started.