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Which Deltona Two Speed Compressor To Choose

Posted on: January 22, 2016

Like many smart Deltona homeowners, you’ve chosen to purchase a two speed compressor for your house. You’ve already done the research, read the reviews, and consulted the experts at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning. That’s why you’re confident in your choice of the Carrier Infinity Series Heat Pump With Greenspeed Intelligence.

Best Of Both Worlds – Deltona Two Speed Compressor

With winter temperatures reaching the low 20’s on the most bitter cold nights, this Deltona Two Speed CompressorDeltona two speed compressor is just what you need. The Ideal Defrost heating operation is precisely how you can ensure the dependability of the unit in an area not typically known for freezing weather. Most systems will struggle to keep up with the harsh demands of those rare, but extremely cold nights. In the summer, traditional compressors fail commonly due to the added challenge of a humid climate. The scientists at Carrier have heard your concerns and made innovations to address these specific downfalls. That’s why the most proficient Deltona two speed compressor comes included with a filter drier system. This feature helps the Infinity Series Heat Pump to adapt to the demands associated with high humidity.

Quiet Efficiency

As the recommended Deltona two speed compressor, this Carrier Infinity Series unit meets Jacob’s stringent requirements. It’s heating and cooling efficiency is one of the best rated. Long gone are the days of wasteful heating and cooling systems. Carrier ensures cooling costs stay low while simultaneously providing a system to keep disruptive noise down. The Silencer System II design, keeps this unit’s noise levels down around 58 decibels. For comparison, a normal conversation takes place between 60 and 70 decibels. This revolutionary compressor sound blanket will help you stay asleep during the hottest summer nights without the constant disruption of an AC unit turning on and off.

Greenspeed Intelligence

The most alluring factor in your decision on the best Deltona two speed compressor has got to be the Greenspeed Intelligence. While the typical AC compressor allows the temperature in your home to fluctuate before turning on, a variable speed is able to maintain a more constant comfort level. Greater control over the humidity in the home is also an attractive bonus. Any one who has ever had to use a dehumidifier in their basement can attest to this benefit! Greenspeed Intelligence provides homeowners with consistent dependability, tighter temperature control, and industry-leading energy efficiency.

Hire A Professional

Not even the best Deltona two speed compressor can give you the peace of mind you deserve if it isn’t professionally installed. The Nate certified technicians employed by Jacob will not only arrive within a two hour window, but also ensure cleanliness, and the utmost in customer satisfaction. We believe that friendly professionalism, after-hours services, and Planned Maintenance Agreements set us apart from our competition.

For over 40 years, Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning has been providing the highest level of service in the area. We look forward to hearing from you to schedule an appointment or to answer any question you might have about switching to a variable speed compressor.