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Who Needs a Pierson AC UV Light

Posted on: August 24, 2015

Got allergies? Is there someone in the house with asthma? Did you know the air inside our homes can be up to 100 times more polluted than the air outside? If you answered “yes” to these or related questions, you’ve probably thought about an air purification system. Stand alone models can be costly, require lots of maintenance and may not even be all that effective. Consider a Pierson AC UV Light from Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning to solve all of these problems.

How It Works

Pierson AC UV Light

A professionally installed Pierson AC UV Light will be strategically positioned near the cooling coil of your home air conditioning unit. This will not only maximize efficiency of the unit as a whole but also eliminate the need to clean mold off the cooling coil ever again! By killing black mold spores, bacteria and viruses straight from the source means that you won’t have those circulating in the air anymore. Even if these germs have become immune to other methods a uv light will prove to be effective in alleviating some of the most severe allergy and asthma symptoms. A uv light will help you stop the flow of dust and germs in your home before they become an ever bigger problem.

Why Choose a Pierson AC UV Light?

Negative ions will go to work immediately to scrub the air inside your home. With this simple, self contained system you won’t need to worry about a mildew smell coming from your air conditioning unit ever again. The air circulating in your home will be free of germs and other pathogens and be fresh smelling as you protect the cooling coil of your AC unit. Mold and slime have the tendency to build up on these components, especially in humid weather. The installation of a uv light will ensure that your cooling coil is not going to become clogged or risk experiencing diminished air flow. Both of which can and will increase cooling costs considerably.

Benefits You Can Expect

Once you have a Pierson AC UV Light installed, you’ll begin to notice some of the allergy and sinus benefits quickly. You’ll find yourself sleeping better too, without waking up to a nagging cough. Soon, you probably won’t need to take some much allergy medicine either. Gone will be the days of itchy, watery eyes and a runny nose every morning. The smell of new carpet, paint and even cleaning supplies will no longer be so bothersome. Everyone in your home will breathe easier and children will be much healthier without the exposure to cold and flu viruses anymore.

Just because you can’t see the germs doesn’t mean they aren’t making you and your family sick. A Pierson AC UV Light could be exactly what you need to rid the air you breathe of these harmful germs. Stop worrying about your air conditioning unit and let it take care of itself. A uv light will keep you from cleaning off gross mold buildup and help you sleep better at night, literally! Look to Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning for more information on the uv light that fits in your home.