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Maintenance is critical for your HVAC system! Whether you are trying to keep your family cool in the Florida summer or your commercial restaurant breezy in time for the rush, your air conditioner plays a significant role in the happiness and health of some of your favorite people!

If your air conditioner hasn’t been serviced in a year or longer, or if it hasn’t been working as effectively as it used to, don’t wait for your high monthly energy bill to make the decision for you. Call Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your AC maintenance consultation.

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Reduce Energy Waste with AC Maintenance

air conditioning unit outsideWaste is a huge problem in air conditioners that have gone too long without maintenance. In West Volusia County alone, about one-third of the energy consumed in homes or commercial buildings goes to heating and cooling with HVAC systems, and of that, as much as 50% of the energy is being wasted!

Receiving proper maintenance for your air conditioner can help you overcome some of the most common causes of AC energy waste:

  • Improper AC installation
  • Improper sizing
  • Insufficient maintenance

If you have had the same air conditioning unit for over 10 years, you may also be losing money to energy waste. Newer models of air conditioning systems are far more energy-efficient than their older counterparts and use alternative refrigerants that can be safer for the environment.

How Do I Know If I Need AC Maintenance?

If you’ve noticed that your air conditioner isn’t working as well as it should be, scheduling maintenance services can be a cost-prohibitive step in the right direction. Before you try to sweat it out, ask yourself if you’ve noticed the following symptoms of an AC in need of maintenance:

  • Your energy bill is unusually high or rising
  • Your AC doesn’t work as well as your warranty guarantees
  • You’ve noticed humid air, odor, or unsightly leaks
  • There is too much noise coming from your AC system
  • There is poor airflow or humidity in the home
  • It has been over a year since you’ve had your HVAC serviced
  • Your AC unit is old or becoming inefficient

When it comes to your home or commercial building, it can be difficult to gather the courage to call a professional HVAC contractor for air conditioning maintenance. How will you know you are getting a good deal? How will you know the service will last?

At Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning, we make sure all of our technicians are NATE-certified to take on all of your AC needs in stride and provide detailed and informative answers so that you can make the best decision for your home or commercial building. If you have questions about our air conditioning services in West Volusia County, contact Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning today for more information.

AC Maintenance by Jacob Heating & Cooling

Our Planned Maintenance Agreement

Oftentimes, our air conditioning unit is in a place we never look — such as a utility closet or tucked away in the corners of an office basement. Unfortunately, this can lead to neglect over time. Eventually, your heating or cooling system may fail or require a premature replacement. Without routine maintenance, your manufacturer’s warranty may also be voided!

Whether you’re in need of air conditioning repair or replacement, Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning’s technicians strongly advise joining our Planned Maintenance Agreement, which includes a Planned Maintenance Visit twice a year, once before the summer and once before the winter. Our comprehensive inspection is designed to help you save money on electricity, reduce your carbon footprint, and promote long-lasting results for your heating or cooling system.

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Find the Right Planned Maintenance Option For You

West Volusia County’s Air Conditioning Experts

Jacob Heating & Air teamWhen your heating or cooling system is on your mind, it usually means there is a problem. Is your energy bill unusually high this month, or have you noticed weird sounds or smells coming from your AC? A touch of maintenance by our experts at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning may be all you need to recover your cool with AC services in West Volusia County and nearby.

Don’t sweat over choosing your next HVAC contractor. Contact Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning, your household name in the air conditioning industry since 1921!

Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning staff smiling while observing large map on the wall
Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning staff smiling while observing large map on the wall
Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning HVAC Service Guarantees Ensuring Unmatched Quality with Our Service Guarantees in West Volusia County

At Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning, our passion for customer service and the quality of our work is deeply ingrained in our company culture. We're not just committed to helping our customers; we put our reputation on the line with every job we undertake.

Our team takes pride in our work and backs it with excellent service guarantees for our customers in West Volusia County and the surrounding areas. These guarantees include:

  • One-year guarantee on HVAC repairs
  • Prompt service for every visit
  • Cleanliness on the job
  • Complete customer satisfaction
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