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5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Deltona HEPA Filters

Deltona HEPA filters are all the rage in air purification systems. But how much do you really know about them? While it’s certainly true that these fine mesh filters can clean the air in your home and keep contaminants minimized, there are a few things that they can’t do. Ask the experts at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning if a HEPA filter is the right choice for your home or office. Armed with the information below and the specialized knowledge of the Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning team, you’ll be well on your way to healthier air.

In The Beginning – Deltona HEPA Filters

Deltona HEPA Filters

It’s always helpful to look at the origins of new products to help decide if it’s a wise investment or just the latest trend. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate arrestance. That’s the rocket science way of saying that these air filters can keep tiny particles like dust, pet dander, and mold spores out the air you breathe. While Deltona HEPA filters seem like the latest on the heating and air conditioning front, they have actually been in manufacture for decades. HEPA filters are regarded as the new gold standard in air purification.

What It Can’t Do

First, air filters are installed at some point along the air conditioning route. This means that the air before the filter is still going to contain germs and other particulates. A technician from Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning will ensure that air filters are installed at a point to effect the whole house. Therefore, using a HEPA filter in your AC system will provide total-home air cleaning as opposed to a portable air purifier that can only handle one room.

Next, the Deltona HEPA filters won’t work well if you don’t use them continuously. Because these are mechanical filters that use air pressure to trap harmful particles some people think that as soon as you use it for a little while, you can stop. The truth is, just being in the home generates yucky molecules in the air. Up to 90 percent of all household dust is actually dead skin cells! Using a HEPA filter and changing or cleaning it regularly will help clean the air and keep it clean.

Third, HEPA filters can only clean the dust and other contaminants out of the air. There are still more of these harmful specks in rugs, window drapes, and resting on horizontal surfaces than there are in the air. Deltona HEPA filters cannot replace the need for regular household cleaning. Vacuuming carpets daily, changing bedding frequently and keeping pets off the furniture will further reduce your exposure to mites, pollen and other things that make you sick.

Fourth, no filter is perfect. True HEPA filters (not HEPA type filters) will capture 99.97 percent of all particles 0.3 microns or larger. For perspective, spores from plants are between 6 and 50 microns. Bacteria are between 0.35 and 10 microns large. While not perfect, having 99.97 percent fewer of these flecks floating around in the air will have a huge impact on allergy and asthma symptoms.

Last, the Deltona HEPA filters can’t clean and maintain themselves. They need to be inspected regularly by homeowners. Trust the trained professionals at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning to keep the air in your home clean and healthy for your family.

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