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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your DeLand Nest Thermostat?

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If you’ve installed or are considering installing a Nest thermostat in your DeLand home, you know these products have a lot of great features. So many that many DeLand homeowners fail to utilize these systems to their full potential to optimize their home comfort and maximize their energy savings.

In this blog, the experts at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning share their smart thermostat expertise to help you enjoy the full range of benefits your Nest thermostat has to offer your DeLand home.

Benefits of a Nest Smart Thermostat

Google Nest thermostats are programmable, Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats that have self-learning software designed to reduce your energy use, saving you on monthly heating and cooling costs.

Easy and Convenient To Use

These well-designed systems have robust features with an incredibly user-friendly interface. You can adjust the thermostat settings on the thermostat itself, control it remotely using a smartphone, or use voice control via the Google Home app.

Learns Your Schedule and Preferences

Nest thermostats learn your temperature preferences after about a week of use and create a schedule that will adapt as your preferences and needs change. It also monitors local weather and adjusts to compensate for outdoor. For DeLand’s weather, this feature helps drive significant energy bill savings.

Maximizes Energy Savings

Nest thermostats are ENERGY STAR® Certified™, meaning they have been independently certified to produce actionable energy savings. Your thermostat will adjust the temperature when you’re not at home, further reducing your energy usage.

Compatible With Most HVAC Systems

Nest thermostats are compatible with about 85% of all home heating and cooling systems. They also work without a C wire in most homes. The team at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning can help you determine if your DeLand home’s HVAC system and the Nest thermostat can integrate.

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The Best Applications for Nest Thermostats

A wide range of apps exist that work with Nest thermostats — with the best one being the Google Home app. This app controls and programs the thermostat. Other common services and apps include Google Sheets, SmartThings, the Mitsubishi Electric Kumo Cloud, and more.

Nest Thermostat Models

If you’re interested in adding or upgrading your DeLand home’s thermostat to a Google Nest, the company makes two thermostat products, as well as a compatible sensor:

  • Nest Thermostat: This thermostat gives you the ability to control it from wherever you are using the Google Home app while helping you save on energy usage and costs.
  • Nest Learning Thermostat: This thermostat has an easy-to-read display and will create a schedule for you based on your habits and schedule without needing to program it.
  • Nest Temperature Sensor: This accessory is used in conjunction with Nest thermostats to report the temperature in a separate room.

Choose Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning

The experts at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning can help you determine which smart thermostat is right for your home and HVAC system. We will perform a seamless installation and ensure you understand how to use the system to create your ideal environment.  

Since 1921, Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning has provided high-quality services and an exceptional customer experience throughout West Volusia County, FL. As a family-owned and -operated company, we value being a part of this community. We provide upfront pricing as well as free estimates on service calls and replacements.

Schedule smart thermostat installation services with Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning today. Call us at (386) 337-3502 to get started.

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