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Control Your Wi-Fi Thermostat With These Smartphone Apps

Smartphone apps help consumers manage nearly every aspect of their lives. Calendar apps, diet and activity tracker apps, list apps—these are just a few of the smartphone apps that help you manage a busy day. Home comfort is another area of life you can give over to a smartphone app. With a Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat-compatible smartphone app, along with other top performing thermostats, you can manage home cooling and heating, schedule energy-saving temperatures, and monitor energy usage—all from the ease of your smartphone.

Control Your Wi-Fi Thermostat With These Smartphone Apps

Control Your Wi-Fi Thermostat With These Smartphone Apps

Honeywell’s free smartphone app controls a number of their own Wi-Fi thermostats and other comfort controls. The innovative app lets consumers control a number of thermostats at different locations. For vacation homeowners, controlling the temperature of a summer home via the comfort of the primary home is a true convenience. With a screen that offers the latest weather reports for any number of zip codes, it’s easy to instantly change the temperature of all of the connected thermostats, but it also gives you precise control over each thermostat installed within the home.

Wi-Fi Enabled Radio Thermostat

Designed for use with 3M thermostats, this versatile smartphone app offers control over the home’s basic functions. Easier to use than the thermostat’s digital screen display, the app helps you manage home temperatures, lets you set up a heating and cooling schedule, and gives you the option to switch fan controls, too. The app makes energy-saving suggestions, giving you the option to decrease the temperature to save a certain amount of energy bills. This app also controls multiple thermostats.

Venstar Skyport

This innovative smartphone app’s features several screens that display a ton of information. Control locations from Venstar Skyport’s main screen, and then select a location to zero in on additional information. From the main screen for your primary home location, for example, the app lets you see the current forecast, the home’s temperature, and if the HVAC system is running or idle. You can also increase or decrease temperatures from the screen.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat

The ecobee smartphone app design is intentionally identical to the thermostat’s actual screen display. Most smartphone apps go the other direction, as the app is most often easier to use and navigate. Ecobee’s strategy makes it easy for homeowners to seamlessly transition from using the thermostat to using the smartphone app.

The app’s main screen lets you choose to see current details, manage thermostats, and monitor usage. Other screens let you manage energy usage for multiple thermostats, with current condition factors like humidity, temperature and fan speed. Users can also manage vacation settings and one-time temperature adjustments. Ecobee also offers business users a separate app for managing building temperatures called the ecobee EMS.

No longer are homeowners relegated to controlling home temperatures from a hallway, fumbling through keys that are too small to manage and complicated screens. With smartphone apps that let you control everything from temperatures to humidity to fan speed, managing home comfort has never been easier. Before you invest in a thermostat, take some time to investigate smartphone apps that offer the features you need to manage home comfort. Wi-Fi thermostat smartphone apps now make it possible to easily manage the temperature of your vacation home in response to local weather conditions.

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