Air Cleaners and Filters

Aprilaire Whole-Home Media Air Cleaners
[Models 2200, 2400 and 2250]

Choose an Aprilaire Media Air Cleaner when:

 Set of three different sized packs of air filters

  • You suffer from seasonal allergies such as hay fever and are concerned about allergens in your home.
  • You are concerned about airborne mold spores circulating in your home.
  • You have pets.
  • You want to protect the life and efficiency of your equipment.
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Compare the benefits.

    • Healthier home environment—Permanently traps allergy-causing pollen-sized particles (5 microns and larger) at a rate of 97%, helping to minimize the risk of asthma and allergy attacks. Permanently traps mold and spore particles (3 microns and larger) at a rate of 70%, helping to reduce problems with mold-induced illnesses.


Graphic showing how Aprilaire removal efficiency actually improves with use

  • Long service life—The disposable filter media lasts 1 to 2 years, so there is no need for monthly or bi-monthly filter changes or cell cleanings. It just takes minutes to do, and many homeowners simply have their local dealer do it as part of the annual servicing of their heating and cooling equipment.
  • High quality and completely reliable—The Aprilaire Media Air Cleaners feature limited lifetime warranties. They use no electricity and require no maintenance other than the replacement of the filter media. And because of their large broad door seals, they have the lowest air leakage and bypass.
  • Invisible and silent— It mounts to the heating and cooling equipment, out of the way and out of sight. There are no distracting snapping or crackling sounds like those generated by traditional platetype electronic air cleaners.

The perfect questions to ask.

When selecting an air cleaner, many people consider the Minimum Efficiency Rating Value (MERV) —a system used by many manufacturers in their claims. Our media air cleaners are rated at MERV 10 at 1200 cfm (the typical airflow for an average home). But we suggest that you consider the following questions to determine the best air cleaner for you:

Chart graphic comparing various types of air cleaners

  • Is it a whole-home solution? It should clean the air for the entire house, not just a room or section.

    Graphic of 'Typical Aprilaire Installations' - Upflow (Power) & Horizantal (Bypass)

  • Is there long service life? Who enjoys changing the filter media every month? Or even every couple of months? The best air cleaner should require maintenance only once a year.
  • Will it enhance equipment life? The best air cleaner should permanently trap the dirt that causes heating and air conditioning units to wear prematurely.
  • What about quality? The best air cleaner should be built to last, providing the same high performance for years. One mark of quality is the seal around the door. It should have broad, thick seals to minimize air leakage.
  • Is it invisible and silent? The best air cleaner should be invisible, not another piece of furniture in a room. It should operate silently, not make distracting noises.
Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning staff smiling while observing large map on the wall
Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning staff smiling while observing large map on the wall
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