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DeLand Heil AC Service

Posted on: April 23, 2015

Looking for top notch DeLand Heil AC service? Get in touch with the professionals at Jacob Heating and Air. Our expertise includes Heil AC service, as well as service for other leading AC brands.



Why DeLand Heil AC Service

When you need to upgrade your home’s air conditioning, choose from these best-in-class AC products from Heil:

  • Mini-split air conditioners. Featuring units that perform up to 22 SEER and offer remote control access, these nifty units can be installed anywhere in a room to provide whole-house zone control.
  • Two-stage air conditioner. With two stages of cooling, your home is more comfortable and you’ll save on energy bills. When the cooling demand is high, the unit ramps up to the higher stage of output, quickly cooling down the home. Once it reaches a comfortable level, the system dials it back to the lower stage of cooling, keeping your home at a comfortable, consistent temperature.
  • Two-stage air conditioners with communication controls. Let your two-stage air conditioner communicate with the Observer communication system, and it will automatically adjust to your home’s comfort needs while maximizing energy savings. There’s no need to adjust your thermostat any longer; it does all of the work for you.

Air conditioner maintenance

Service for your air conditioner can make or break the system. Homeowners who regularly schedule maintenance for their air conditioners benefit from a longer system life span, improved home comfort, lower energy bills, and an environmentally friendly system. At Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning, we conduct a comprehensive cleaning and inspection of the equipment, which includes steps like:

  • Inspecting the electrical components.
  • Cleaning the coils, blower motor and fan.
  • Testing the refrigerant charge.
  • Checking the drainage system.
  • Testing the duct work.
  • Evaluating airflow.
  • Checking the outdoor unit.
  • Installing the thermostat in an accurate area to control the home’s temperature.

DeLand Heil AC Service Repairs

When a problem with your air conditioner pops up, call the experts at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning for help. We not only hold certifications in servicing equipment, but our unparalleled service features knowledgeable, affordable DeLand Heil AC service and repair.

We place a high value on technician certifications, which showcase our technicians’ capabilities, expertise and on-the-job training. All of the technicians at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning hold the coveted NATE certifications, along with specialty certifications in service, maintenance and cooling-specific technologies. As a result, we are proud to say that our customers are satisfied customers, as we stand behind all of our work.

When you want the best, choose the leader in the West Volusia County area. Reach out for expert assistance, and call the DeLand Heil AC service professionals at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning today. We can help you with air conditioner performance, repairs and service. Remember, Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning services Orange City, DeBary, Deltona, Lake Helen, Astor, Pierson and Deleon Springs areas, too.