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Your A/C Equipment Needs to Breath

Posted on: February 9, 2012

Weeds, grass clippings, dirt & dust are enemies to the air conditioning unit that sits outside your home or business. Your outdoor unit, or condensing unit, needs to “breath” to operate efficiently.

The outdoor unit holds a condenser coil, which looks somewhat like the radiator on your car. Upon close inspection you can see the fine rows of aluminum fins. This coil assembly needs to be kept clean. The fan pulls air through it, and it is a critical function in the operation of your air conditioner. In the summer you can feel the hot air being dispelled from your outdoor unit by the fan. If the condenser coil becomes blocked or plugged, a high-pressure situation will develop in the refrigerant system, and will most certainly affect is efficiency. If the coil becomes clogged, the compressor will shut down and could result in expensive repairs.

Landscaping plants or fences should never be placed too close to your outdoor unit, and the condenser coil and the unit itself should be cleaned periodically. Our Preventive Maintenance Plan covers this cleaning, as well as many other important tune-up items.