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Ductless Mini-Split Systems in West Volusia County

Mini-split systems offer homeowners significant advantages in the process of heating and cooling their homes. For homeowners who are tired of spending too much to heat or cool rooms that receive little use, installing ductless mini-splits provides the ability to regulate temperatures in rooms as needed. That can save energy and help to reduce utility costs.
There are many reasons to choose ductless mini-split systems for your home. The NATE-certified HVAC contractors at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning are happy to assist you in determining if ductless mini-splits are right for your home.

We look forward to helping you enjoy your home to the fullest with services for ductless mini-split system maintenance, repair, and installations in and around DeLand, Florida.

Advantages of Ductless Mini-Split Systems

ductless mini splitMini-split systems let you control and adjust the temperatures in individual rooms in your home. Many homeowners choose ductless mini-split air conditioners so they can:

  • Control the temperatures in specific rooms
  • Efficiently heat or cool new additions to their homes
  • Wirelessly control temperatures in different areas of the home

There are other benefits to ductless mini-split systems:

  • They’re relatively simple to install – most systems require just a few adjustments to be properly fitted to your walls
  • They’re great for preserving space or fitting into more compact areas
  • They’re ideal for smaller homes, where space is limited

Learn why so many homeowners in DeLand install ductless mini-split systems with Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning – give us a call today at (386) 337-3502!

What to Expect During a Ductless Mini-Split Installation

Installing ductless mini-splits is relatively simple. Still, a professional HVAC contractor’s eye for detail is necessary to ensure the system is installed properly.

During your mini-split system install, your Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning technician can point out the main components of your new system, such as:

  • Compressor, which helps run the air conditioning system
  • Condensing coil, which cycles hot refrigerant and turns high-pressure gas into a high-pressure liquid
  • Fan, which draws air through the condensing coil in order to transfer stored heat energy outside
  • Connection line, which connects the indoor and outdoor units and carries refrigerant between these components

After installation, your ductless mini-split system will pump heated or cooled refrigerant as needed to heat or cool its designated areas. Controlling the temperature is simple; you may even be able to regulate the temperature wirelessly. Our technicians can even help design an adaptive, multi-room cooling system.

Why Choose Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning?

Jacob Heating & Air teamAt Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning, we have been a popular choice for commercial and residential HVAC maintenance, repair, and installation services since 1921. Our HVAC contractors are highly skilled and NATE-certified to deliver exceptional service for various systems, from furnaces and air conditioners to heat pumps, ductless mini-split systems, and more.

Whether it’s time to install, maintain, or repair your ductless mini-split system in West Volusia County, contact Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning online today or call  us at (386) 337-3502. 

Our Service Areas

We are proud to service the areas in and throughout West Volusia County, including DeLand, DeBary, Orange City, Deltona, Lake Helen, Pierson, Astor, and Deleon Springs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do ductless mini-splits work best?

Ductless mini-splits can work great in nearly any area, but they are especially helpful for new additions to your home, rooms that have been recently finished, or large spaces that are hard to heat and cool.

Ductless mini-splits eliminate the need to make structural changes to add heating and cooling from your existing HVAC system, so they are perfect for areas like:

  • Finished basements
  • Garage conversions
  • Attic rooms
  • Sunrooms
  • Room additions
  • Guest rooms
  • Any uncomfortable spaces

Can a ductless mini-split cool my entire home?

Many ductless HVAC systems are designed for just one room, with a single air handler connected to the outdoor condenser unit. Some systems are designed for multiple rooms, however, with one condenser unit and individual air handlers for each room or zone. They provide individually controlled heating and cooling for the whole home with no ductwork necessary.

Can a ductless mini-split provide heating and cooling?

Most ductless mini-splits are heat pumps that can provide both cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. In the warm Florida climate, ductless systems are extremely efficient in both modes.

Are ductless HVAC systems more expensive?

For a large, multi-room system, ductless mini-splits will be more expensive per ton than a traditional HVAC system, but much of that initial cost will be earned back though lower heating and cooling costs over the life of the system.

What are the advantages of a ductless system?

Without energy-wasting air ducts, ductless mini-splits use less energy and will cost less to heat and cool your home than a traditional system. They are also quieter, and they have great features like remote controls, timers, and individual controls in each room for multi-room systems.

If you have further questions about ductless mini-split systems, talk to our experts at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning today. Simply call 386-337-3502 or contact us online.