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5 Reasons Your Air Conditioner is Constantly Running

As hot and humid as it may be in the West Volusia area, that does not mean your air conditioning system should be constantly running. Once it cools your home down to the set temperature, it should shut down for a while, then start back up once the home increases in temperature again.

Several problems can cause your air conditioner to stay running all the time, and here are five of the most common.

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1. A Dirty or Clogged Air Filter

Your air conditioning system depends on good airflow over the evaporator and condenser coils to absorb the heat from your home and release it outside. A dirty or clogged air filter can inhibit airflow, making it harder to absorb and release the heat. Despite the reduced efficiency, your air conditioner will still attempt to reach the target cooling temperature, forcing it to run constantly.

To prevent this, you should check your air filter monthly during the cooling season and replace it when it becomes dirty, about every three months for standard fiberglass filters.

2. Dirty Coils

An air conditioning system uses an evaporator coil and a refrigerant to absorb the heat inside your home. The heated, gaseous refrigerant is sent to the condenser coil outside to release the heat and return the refrigerant to a liquid state. Air is blown over the coils to help transfer the heat, and if the evaporator or condenser coil is too dirty, it will take longer to absorb or release the heat, forcing your air condoning system to run for an extended period.

Both the evaporator and condenser coils contain extremely delicate fins to aid in the heat transfer process, so cleaning the coils is best left to a qualified HVAC professional to avoid damage. But there are a few things you can do to help keep your coils cleaner: replace the air filter often, keep a two-foot area around the condenser unit free of vegetation and debris, and schedule AC maintenance at least once a year. If dust accumulation remains an ongoing problem with your evaporator coil, consider installing an upgraded air filter or an air purifier.

3. Blower Motor or Fan Problems

If the blower motor assembly is not moving enough air, it can reduce the efficiency of the heat transfer process and force your air conditioner to run longer. One of the most common problems is dust and dirt accumulation on the blower fan. A thick coating can form on the blades, making the fan heavier and forcing the motor to work harder.

The fan and pulleys also need lubrication to turn smoothly, so cleaning and lubricating the blower assembly as part of your annual AC maintenance services will often improve the performance and efficiency of your system while preventing future problems.

Occasionally, the fan belt can loosen or break, so it should be checked and replaced as needed. A faulty blower fan can also reduce the performance of your AC system and force it to run constantly. Replacing a blower motor can be costly, and if your system is more than a decade old, it may be time to think about replacement. With today’s improvements in efficiency and performance, a new AC system may help you save money in the long term while improving your overall comfort.

4. Extreme Temperatures

If your air conditioner only seems to run constantly during excessively hot and humid days, there may be no problems at all — the air conditioner is just running longer to compensate for the extreme weather. It may be wise to schedule AC maintenance soon if it has been longer than a year since your last visit, as that may help the performance of your system. If high humidity is an ongoing concern, adding a dehumidifier to your West Volusia home could help.

5. Improper System Sizing

Often in the HVAC industry, rule of thumb estimates are used to size air conditioners, based mainly on the home’s square footage. Plus, many companies will oversize the system to avoid future cooling complaints. Properly sizing an air conditioning system is essential to its performance, efficiency, and longevity.

A system that is too small will run constantly, leading to inefficient performance, excessive wear, and premature failure. A system that is too large will cycle on and off frequently, reducing its efficiency, creating hot and cold spots between cycles, and preventing it from running long enough to properly dehumidify your home.

Skilled AC installers will size the system based on ACCA Manual J procedures, which account for the size of the home, the number of rooms, the layout, room occupancy, the number of windows, the quality of insulation, and many other factors. This results in an efficient, long-lasting system that improves comfort and minimizes cooling costs.

If you are ready for a new, properly installed air conditioning system, request an AC installation quote from our Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning team.

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