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4 Reasons it is Time to Upgrade to a Pierson Digital Thermostat

Is it time to update the thermostat in your home? If you are currently using old equipment, then you might consider the benefits of talking to an expert about a Pierson digital thermostat. Here are four reasons why you will love this home upgrade:

1. Energy Efficiency

Pierson Digital Thermostat

Every time your air conditioner kicks on, it uses electricity. Do you know how much this energy usage impacts the environment? If you want to do your part to protect the environment, then you should upgrade to a digital thermostat.

Old thermostats must be manually adjusted when the temperature needs to be changed inside. Many homeowners don’t think about adjusting the air conditioner throughout the day to accommodate energy usage. In comparison, a digital thermostat can be programmed to be set at certain temperatures depending on the time of day.

2. Reduce Monthly Expenses

Some homeowners delay home improvement projects because they are worried about the cost of these upgrades. Instead of only focusing on the money that will be spent initially, it is better to consider the long-term cost savings that are available.

A Pierson digital thermostat is a great example of a money-saving home upgrade. When you choose to improve the energy efficiency of your home, you will notice an immediate impact on the cost of your monthly utility bills. It is estimated that homeowners can save as much as $200 per year on utility costs. So, you will quickly recover the investment and improve the long-term savings that are available for your family.

3. Improved Comfort

How do you feel when you walk in the door after a long day at work, only to find that your home is sweltering hot? After working so hard during the day, you deserve time to sit down and relax in your home. But, it can be hard to relax if your home is a sauna.

You can manually turn on the air conditioner when you get home, but it will talk awhile before the place cools down. Instead, consider the benefits of having a Pierson digital thermostat that is programmable. You can set the program to kick on before you usually arrive home from work so that your home is comfortable from the moment you step in the door.

4. Safety for Your Family

Did you know that old thermostats use mercury to measure the temperature? It has been found that old, non-digital thermostats could potentially cause mercury exposure in the home. When the unit was installed many years ago, homeowners didn’t know about the potential health problems that can happen because of mercury exposure. Instead of exposing your family to the harmful mercury, it is better to upgrade the equipment to keep your children safe.

Call a Pierson Digital Thermostat Expert

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