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Do UV Light Purification Systems Really Work?

HEPA filtration does a fine job of capturing larger contaminants like dust and dirt. Still, there’s an entire class of airborne contaminants they don’t capture, including bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and volatile organic compounds.

Thankfully, UV light, nature’s natural sterilizer, has been applied to air purification systems to remove those harmful pathogens.

What’s the Problem With Indoor Air Quality?

Airborne pathogens inside the home are natural and unavoidable. Their initial presence is mostly harmless, but when they linger and recirculate via your HVAC system, that’s when allergies and sickness persist.

Yes, outdoor air has its share of air quality issues, but it also has a natural (and powerful!) source to help sterilize it — the sun. Sunlight destroys harmful bacteria and creates low-level hydrogen peroxide gas that also kills airborne contaminates. Isn’t nature amazing?

But with indoor environments mostly deprived of sunlight, we’re forced to fight the dust and germs on our own. Fortunately, advanced indoor air quality solutions are available to help win the battle.

How Does a UV Light Purifier Work?

Ultraviolet light is the same energy frequency produced by the sun. We all know what happens to our eyeballs and skin cells when exposed to low-level UV light. Likewise, airborne microbes become damaged and defenseless when exposed to UV light.

UV light disrupts microorganisms’ DNA and RNA structure, rendering them unable to reproduce. In some cases, ultraviolet light can completely destroy the cells.

There are several different UV light purifying systems — some attach directly to the HVAC system, while others are portable/free-standing.

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Air Purification Systems Team Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning Installs

Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning recommends and installs only the best whole-home air purification systems.

REME HALO Air Purification System

Air filter created by Guardian Air

The REME HALO is a UV light purifier we can install in your home’s air ducts.

The UV light destroys airborne contaminants, but this system also produces low-level hydrogen peroxide to circulate and sanitize air and surfaces throughout your home.

AprilAire Whole-Home Air Purifiers

White air conditioning unit on a white background

Air filtration should still be used in conjunction with UV light, which is why we recommend and install AprilAire Whole-Home Air Purifiers.

This system effectively traps larger (and heavier) particles like dust, pollen, and pet dander and removes lingering odors. Heavier particles don’t stay airborne as long as smaller ones, so it’s best to capture them via intake circulation and filters.

Turn to Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning for Whole-Home Indoor Air Quality Solutions

It’s safe to say UV light air purifiers improve the air quality inside any property. Microorganisms will always be defenseless against UV light, and with consistent technological improvements, it will only become an even greater sustainable indoor air quality solution in the future.

Start breathing cleaner air today! Contact Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning online or call (386) 337-3502 to schedule a whole-house air purification installation.

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