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What is Astor Air Conditioner Zoning?

Posted on: July 24, 2017

Are there times when you want to cool certain areas of your home? It can be expensive to run the air conditioner in the entire house. This energy usage is not needed if you will be spending time in only one or two rooms. Instead of spending the money on a high energy bill, consider the benefits of Astor air conditioner zoning.

Astor Air Conditioner ZoningHere at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning, we are experts in the industry. Our team will gladly help with any heating or air conditioning maintenance or repairs that you need. With the right system and ongoing maintenance, you can improve the comfort of your home. At the same time, there are opportunities to reduce your utility bill.

What is Astor Air Conditioner Zoning?

Many homes have a central air conditioning system that distributes cool air via the ducts that are built into the home. When the air conditioner is turned on, then the entire home can be cooled because of the air that is moving through.

The problem with central air is that unoccupied rooms are cooled just as much as occupied rooms. So, you are wasting energy and driving up your utility bills. It doesn’t make sense to cool the rooms that you aren’t using!

Air conditioner zoning is a better solution because it allows you to manage the areas of your home that are cooled. You can choose the layout of the zones. One zone can be a single room, several rooms, or an entire area of the home. The zones are each assigned a number. You can set the thermostat to adjust the temperature for each zone based on the programming that you desire.

How are Zoned HVAC Systems Designed?

Multiple thermostats are tied to a central unit control panel. Then, sensors are placed within the ductwork with an air pumping system and an electronic controller. As the sensors regulate the temperature for each area, flex dampers open or close depending on the amount of air that is needed.

Another option is to use a ductless system if your home can’t accommodate the ductwork. In this situation, there is a compressor or outside unit, indoor units in each zone, and a thermostat controller used to adjust the temperature.

Why Will You Benefit from Zoning?

Talk to an expert, and you will see that there are many benefits that come from this system. You can retrofit your current air conditioner, or install a new system that incorporates Astor Air Conditioner Zoning. These are some of the benefits that you can expect:

  • Lower utility costs
  • Decrease regular wear and tear on the equipment
  • Avoid replacing both mechanical and electronic components
  • Protect the planet because of reduced energy usage

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of Astor air conditioner zoning in your home? Then right now is a great time to talk to the experts to learn more. Contact our team to schedule a consultation in your home. Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help: 386-337-3502