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Best Orange City AC Security Cage Company

Congratulations on your home purchase in beautiful Orange City. Along with the perks of living in a warm climate with gorgeous sunsets, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind to protect your investment. Wherever you go you’ll find a few bad apples waiting to make a quick buck off of common home items like copper wiring, AC systems, outdoor heat pumps and plumbing materials. Luckily, there are several easy options you can use to keep your home from becoming a victim of theft.

Orange City AC Security Cage

Orange City AC Security Cage

One of the most common and cost effective options for securing your outdoor heat pump is to install a steel cage around the unit. With an Orange City AC Security Cage, you can not only deter a would-be thief with the solid 16 gauge steel construction but also make it next to impossible to access the pump through multiple locks. Thieves know they don’t have much time to pull off the crime. They will want to get in, get what they want, and get out. Just the ominous looking cage around their target will quite possibly be all it takes for them to turn around and find another house. These cages are powder coated for lasting security and can be custom ordered to fit any size heat pump.

Act Normal

Setting your outside lights on a timer will help give the illusion that someone is home even when your family is on vacation. A well lit home exterior, especially around your AC unit and electrical box, is a more secure place for your home. Recruiting a neighbor or friend to pick up the newspaper off the driveway and having the post office suspend your mail delivery while you are gone will both go a long way to make it look like all is normal on the home-front. Bonus: shining motion sensored lights on your Orange City AC Security Cage will make your home and all that is in it a far less desirable option for any thief. Click to see more tips on securing your vacation home.

Accept Help

We all have that one coworker or friend trying to get us to hire their teenager for odd jobs. While you’re on vacation could be the perfect time to accept the offer. Having someone stop by and check on your home while you’re away will help to keep things locked tight. Consider having someone stay at your house to care for pets during this time as well. Having someone home at night goes a long way in securing any home against invaders.

Employing the simple tips outlined above will make your home a less likely target for the bad guys. Installing a sturdy Orange City AC Security Cage to maintain the ultimate in security features, setting up exterior lighting to a timer helps shed more light on a crime than any thief is comfortable with, and having a trusted person stay in your home will all help to deter any unwanted attention. Securing your outdoor heat pump is a huge step to keeping everything else in your home just as safe.

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