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Don’t Forget to Change Your DeBary Pleated Filter

Posted on: August 29, 2016

As a homeowner, it is important that you keep up with specific maintenance tasks that need to be addressed in your home. By keeping up with these tasks, you can protect the quality of your home and avoid expensive repair bills because of neglect. One thing that you should never overlook is replacing your DeBary pleated filter.

Why Does the Filter Need to be Replaced?Debary Pleated Filter

There are several reasons why this filter needs to be replaced on a regular basis. First of all, consider the health of your family. When the air conditioner kicks on, it recirculates air throughout your home. If there is dirt, dust, or allergens in the air, then it will continue moving these particles throughout each room. A filter is designed to capture these small compounds and remove them from the air, helping to improve air quality.

Another reason the DeBary pleated filter needs to be replaced is to protect the quality of your air conditioning unit. Regular maintenance helps to keep the unit in good working order. As a result, it can continue working efficiently and effectively for a long period. If the filter is neglected, then it is possible that it could put unnecessary stress on the air conditioning unit. Over time, performance can decline and result in higher energy bills and inefficient cooling in your home.

Tips for Changing the Air Filters

Changing the DeBary pleated filter is the most important maintenance task to protect the quality of your air conditioner. It is estimated that a new filter could improve the efficiency of the unit by as much as 5 – 15%.

Usually, this filter is located near the length of the return duct for a full HVAC system. For a smaller room unit, it will be found behind the grill facing into the room. If you can’t find the filter, then you can look online or talk to an HVAC professional for assistance.

Most air filters need to be replaced every 3 – 6 months, although it depends on the type of air conditioner that you have. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for the best results. Always make sure that you select the air filter that is a perfect match for your air conditioning. Choosing the wrong size or design of air filter means that you could potentially damage your HVAC system.

Benefits of a DeBary Pleated Filter

Many homeowners like the use the pleated air filter design. The pleats within the unit help to effectively capture the particles of dust and allergens as they are moving through the air. This filter design decreases the likelihood that small particles will slip through the filter to continue moving through your home.

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