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Why Is My Heat Pump Blowing Cold Air?

Posted on: October 14, 2020

With the mild winters in West Volusia County, heat pumps are a popular and cost-effective way to provide both heating and cooling for a home. They tend to be quite reliable, but as with any mechanical system they can break down or malfunction every so often. If your heat pump has started blowing cold air during the middle of the winter, don’t panic—often it is something minor that can easily be repaired.

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Common Reasons Your Heat Pump Is Blowing Cold Air

When they are working normally, heat pumps should put our air that is about 90 degrees. This is plenty warm enough to heat your home, but if the air feels cool or cold, there may be a problem with your heat pump. Here are the most common causes of cold air output during the winter:

  • A faulty or incorrectly set thermostat – Be sure the thermostat is set to heating mode and the desired temperature is correct. If the thermostat has been reset, has faulty batteries, or is malfunctioning, it may put the heat pump into cooling mode.
  • Dirty coils – If your condenser coils outside are plugged up with dirt, leaves, grass, and other debris, the heat pump may not be able to absorb heat properly. Likewise, if your evaporator coils are dirty, it will be harder to heat your home.
  • The heat pump has frozen – Dirty coils, low refrigerant, clogged air filters, or other problems could affect airflow and heat transfer, allowing your heat pump to freeze up. To thaw it safely and determine the cause of the problem, it is best to call a professional.
  • A faulty reversing valve – In order to switch from cooling mode to heating mode, the reversing valve must actuate to redirect refrigerant flow. A reversing valve that has failed partially or completely will not allow the heating mode to work properly, if at all.
  • Overdue maintenance – If it has been more than a year since your last preventive maintenance service, your heat pump may have dirty coils, a clogged air filter, duct obstructions, low refrigerant, or other issues, all of which can lead to subpar performance.

Nearly all of these problems can be solved quickly with the help of an HVAC professional. To prevent future problems be sure to schedule heat pump maintenance services at least once a year, or preferably twice a year in the fall and spring.

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