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4 Types of Deland Ductwork You Would Want to consider For Your Home

Probably you are on searching for a new HVAC system in the market after your ducts became ineffective. Regardless of whether you want a replacement for the duct work in your home or you are looking for a ductwork system that is comprehensive enough for the gas furnace in your new home, you should make the right choice. It is crucial that you purchase a duct work that will perfectly compliment all other components and features of your heater and AC. Below are 4 different types of Deland Ductwork worth considering for your home.

  • Flexible non-metallic ductwork. Made of lightweight plastic, flexible ductwork is usually utilized in cramped spaces as well as in attics. They are wire-reinforced ducts with a large diameter and enough flexibility that enable them to be snaked around an obstacle. If you want to avoid joints in your system, then it is the best Deland Ductwork.

The system may, however, experience a leakage especially at points where the flexible duct is joined with other types of ductwork such as sheet metal. If not installed correctly, flex ducts can be difficult to seal and even be inefficient. When using them, ensure you apply the minimum length possible to make connections. This will assist in avoiding impending system performance.

  • Sheet metal ductwork. This type of Deland ductwork is available in cylindrical and rectangular lengths. Sheet metal ducts are made using galvanized steel and are usually highly efficient. The fact that they are made of metal makes them reliable, durable, and highly effective. You should pay close attention to places where sections join for leaks.
  • Fiberglass lined ducts. Similar to sheet metal ducts, these are rigid ducts with a fiberglass lining on the inside or outside. You’ll want to use this type of Deland ductwork in your office to dampen the sound produced by the air conditioner unit. They are also commonly used in commercial buildings. The challenge with it is that upon deterioration, the fiberglass lining can be released into the air causing health problems.

These ducts present a challenge especially when it comes to cleaning. The fiberglass lining can be damaged during the cleaning exercise. They are prone to contamination with bacteria and molds.

  • Fiberboard ducts. Made from fiberglass strands, Fiberboard ducts are suitable for heating and cooling systems. They have an insulation by themselves. The fiberglass strands used in making the ducts are usually compressed before a foil laminate is covered on them for protection against moisture.
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They have a rough surface which affects the flow of air as well as the efficiency.

Before you install an air conditioning system, it is important you consult with your contractor and identify the most suitable Deland ductwork for your office or home. In most cases, sheet metal is preferred because of its safety and effectiveness in creating ductwork.

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