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DeLand Lennox AC Service

Posted on: May 13, 2015

Why not choose the leader in Deland Lennox AC service when you’re upgrading an existing air conditioner, needing repairs, or scheduling maintenance? Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning is the premier provider of heating and cooling services in DeLand and across West Volusia County.

Lennox AC Service

Lennox AC Service

Whether your home employs an air conditioner or heat pump, Lennox manufactures the highest quality innovative HVAC systems, based on decades of custom engineering. Since 1895, Lennox has been leading the way in setting the standard for cooling homes, with more than 60 industry-leading products that provide the best comfort and highest efficiency.

Why Jacob’s AC service?

You wouldn’t take your Ford car into a dealer who had never worked on Ford cars, would you? So why hand your valuable air conditioner over to an unqualified professional? The best service technicians are the ones that know the ins and outs of the Lennox equipment line. At Jacob’s Heating and Air Conditioning, our technicians acquire the highest training certifications possible, and we hold every technician to the highest standard of air conditioner technology training in general.

We prioritize training and certifications to ensure we can provide the best possible service for our Lennox customers, and the best customer service in general. We stay up-to-date on changes in cooling technology, federal regulations designed to reduce the carbon footprint, like environmentally friendly refrigerant laws, and comfort innovations.

Lennox repair

Keep your air conditioner running with expert service from Jacob’s Heating and Air Conditioning. We’re happy to help when your air conditioner breaks down in the middle of a hot summer day, or before the cooling season begins. Our fully stocked inventory of Lennox parts means we can get your system back up and running in no time at all.

AC installation

Want to know the secret to excellent DeLand Lennox AC service? Hiring the technicians at Jacob’s Heating and Air Conditioning means you get highly qualified experts with in-depth experience helping homeowners select and install Lennox air conditioners. We go above and beyond to help you identify the best system that will meet your home’s cooling needs.

One of our technicians will come to your home to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your home’s cooling load, uncovering areas of waste like leaks around windows and doors or poor attic ventilation. We’ll also recommend improvements to make around the home to lower the home’s cooling load, which can ultimately mean you may be able to purchase an air conditioner with a smaller capacity – and a lower cost.

Don’t waste time trying to find the premier Deland Lennox AC service provider, when Jacob’s Heating and Air Conditioning is your neighborhood’s go-to service provider. Give us a call today to schedule a system evaluation, talk about an upgrade, or get same-day service for your conked-out air conditioner. Remember, Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning serves homeowners in the Orange City, DeBary, Deltona, Lake Helen, Astor, Pierson and Deleon Springs areas, too.