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DeLand Mitsubishi AC Service

Posted on: July 5, 2015

You shouldn’t settle for any air conditioning service contractor when your innovative mini-split system acts up.  You need a qualified DeLand Mitsubishi AC service professional who knows how the unique systems work. When you’re in the market for help, trust your local professionals at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning. Our experts are highly qualified to service, install and maintain mini-splits.

DeLand Mitsubishi AC Service

Ductless mini-splits aren’t like your usual air conditioning systems. Instead of a centrally located evaporator installed inside the home and a condensing unit installed outside, a mini-split system offers efficient zoned control over home cooling. Because the system employs multiple indoor units installed in each room that are connected to one outdoor unit, not just any service person DeLand Mitsubishi AC Servicecan work on the mini-split.

Our expert technicians understand the nuances of ductless mini-splits, and we’re happy to offer our expertise to uncover the root of your cooling problem, which may be related to:

  • Dirt buildup
  • Coil issues
  • Connectivity
  • Ventilation
  • And more…

Ductless mini-split installation

Perhaps your home already relies on a standard AC system, but you’re looking for something better to help overcome comfort and efficiency problems. We’re happy to walk you through how a ductless mini-split works and conduct a cooling load calculation to properly size and install the system.  We would be happy to help you with your DeLand Mitsubishi AC Service.

Mini-splits don’t rely on duct work, so you’ll have more flexibility for installation. They are particularly helpful for running air conditioning to rooms or areas of your home where ducts don’t currently go. No duct work – no problem! Mini-splits need only connect to the conduit that runs to the outdoor unit, and this process requires drilling a small hole to accommodate the power source.

Without ducts, your system will run more efficiently. By some estimations, the average duct work system loses as much as 30 percent of the cool air that runs through it. Without ducts, your mini-split can operate up to its expected efficiency, resulting in lower energy bills.

Ductless mini-splits also provide precise control over each room’s temperature. With the ability to adjust individual room units to their own temperature setting, you can overcome hot and cold zone problems. You can also save energy, because it’s possible to run just some of the room units, while shutting off others.

Drive your home’s cooling

The ductless mini-split lets you achieve multiple comfort and efficiency goals with one innovative system. If you dream of lower energy bills, better home comfort, and precise control over the temperature in each of the rooms in your home, your dreams can now become a reality. The ductless mini-split may be the solution you’re looking for. At a reasonable cost, the system delivers a high return on investment. All you need now is expert DeLand Mitsubishi AC service.

Trust your valuable home cooling system to the reputable experts in your area. Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning is a premier DeLand Mitsubishi AC Service provider. Just give us a call today to schedule service or maintenance. Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning serves homeowners in the Orange City, DeBary, Deltona, Lake Helen, Astor, Pierson and Deleon Springs areas, too.