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West Volusia County Heat Pump Services

Heat Pump Installation, Repair, & Maintenance in Volusia, Florida and DeLand, DeBary, and Orange City

Heat pumps are an excellent modern tool to help control cool air inside your home or commercial building. At Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning, our experts in the HVAC industry have been working hard for three generations to provide you with the highest quality in heat pump repair, maintenance and installation. When you call us today for a heat pump consultation, we’ll help you assess your heating and cooling needs to determine the most energy efficient, cost prohibitive and long-lasting options in modern heat pump services.

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Heat Pump Services in DeLand, DeBary, and Orange City

Heat pumps and air conditioners are not the same! Although a heat pump will operate under similar principles of refrigeration as an air conditioner, it has unique characteristics that often requires an expert approach for service, maintenance, or repair.

At Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning, our heating and cooling technicians undergo significant training to learn the many intricacies of heat pumps, their manufacturers, and how to maintain their optimal energy efficiency. In fact, ALL of our technicians hold specialty NATE certification to perform heat pump repair, maintenance and installation services in West Volusia County.

The Benefits of Heat Pump Installation

If you’re in the market for a new heating and cooling system, heat pumps can be a great addition to your home or commercial building. Unlike heaters or air conditioners, heat pumps are built with a reversing valve, which allows them to function as either a heater or air conditioner, depending on the direction that refrigerant flows through the system. The benefits of heat pumps can be very compelling:

  • Condenses two climate control functions into one
  • Can be used all year-round
  • Saves space and money on climate control
  • More energy efficient than most combustion based heating systems
  • They do not produce any toxic combustion byproducts

Unlike some furnaces and boilers, heat pumps may be safer for the environment and don’t need fuel to operate efficiently. When it comes to making your home or commercial building more energy efficient, you may want to consider installing a heat pump system with our professional installation services.

Interested in learning more about heat pumps for your home or building? Call Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning today to learn more about our services for heat pumps in West Volusia County.

Heat Pump Maintenance and Repair

Just like your computer needs updates to perform correctly, or your car needs regular trips for a tune-up, your heat pump will need periodic maintenance to prevent damage and minimize the need for repairs. You may need heat pump maintenance if:

  • You need to change your filters regularly
  • You have dirty filters, coils, fans and reduced air flow
  • You have noticed decreased system performance
  • Dirt, vegetation or debris have accumulated around the unit

Scheduling regular maintenance for your heat pump can positively impact the amount you save on energy consumption in the long-term. When you hire heat pump contractors to come and inspect your heating and cooling units, they will assess and seal any duct leakage, measure and verify air flow, check for refrigeration leaks, inspect electrical terminals, lubricate motors, and verify that the unit has what it needs to be working at its ideal capacity.

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Why Choose Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning as Your Heat Pump Expert in West Volusia?

Floridians know better than anyone that having a proper HVAC unit is essential to maintaining their health and peace of mind, no matter what is happening outside. At Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning, our technicians provide fast and built-to-last services made to get to the bottom of your heat pump and AC services before you break a sweat.

We offer the neighboring DeLand, DeBary, and Orange City areas high quality heat pump consultations and two-hour appointment windows, so you’re never kept waiting all day on service! We also offer several customer-oriented policies to ensure that your air conditioning or heat pump maintenance, repair, or installation is a positive and memorable experience.

Do you need a new heat pump, or do you have to replace an old one? Let us help you improve the energy efficiency of your home with heat pump services in Florida’s West Volusia County!