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There’s no place like home in a Florida winter! And sometimes it’s easy to forget about the furnace we rely on from time to time. Unfortunately, the tropical temperatures, weather, and even humidity of the Florida seasons can add wear and tear to your heating system. Even if you rely on your furnace less than, say, the snowbirds up north, regular furnace maintenance has several benefits you shouldn’t ignore. Whether you live in DeLand, Orange City, Debary, or nearby, Jacob Heating and Air has you covered when it comes to proper maintenance.

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Benefits of Preventive Furnace Maintenance

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With regular upkeep, a typical furnace will last anywhere from 15 – 20 years. To maintain how long your system will run, it’s important to call a heating company for regular maintenance and inspections. A little attention to maintenance means less surprises down the road! It can also provide you with some of the following benefits:

  • Ensure safe and efficient operation – With normal wear and tear, electric furnaces can occasionally suffer electrical or hardware problems. Gas furnaces, on the other hand, require regular periodic inspections to ensure there are no cracks that could leak carbon monoxide. To keep you gas or electric heating system is running safely and efficiency, routine maintenance is highly recommended.
  • Reduce surprises – Have you ever had your heat go out in the middle of a nasty storm or winter? Especially when living with young children or seniors, maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home is important for good health. A periodic furnace tune-up can help to mitigate and reduce these risks.
  • Save energy – Furnace maintenance saves energy! When a professional HVAC technician services your furnace, he or she may replace dirty air filters, inspect that your thermostat is working correctly, or perform related heating services that focus on maximizing your furnace’s energy efficiency.
  • Avoid preventable repairs – We’ve all had an appliance go out before that took several repairs to fix. At the end of all the repairs, you may have even wondered, what was better, repair or replacement? We believe firmly that early maintenance can reduce the need for future furnace repair, and we work hard to resolve issues the first time around.
  • Protect your HVAC warranty! – One of the easiest ways to accidentally lose value on your furnace is to void your warranty by forgoing necessary maintenance inspections. Pay attention to what your warranty says! If you need help remembering the terms of your warranty, call Jacob Heating and Air Conditioning and we can send a qualified technician over to you to help you reap the benefits of your warranty agreement!

Regular maintenance will help ensure that your furnace is operating smoothly and has undergone a thorough safety inspection. It can also prolong the effective working life of your unit, and greatly reduce the potential of a breakdown in the future.

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At Jacob Heating and Air Conditioning, our furnace maintenance services are designed not only to keep your furnace in working order, but to look for opportunities to improve its energy-efficiency and help you save money on your next energy bill. We also highly recommend residents in DeLand and nearby areas within West Volusia to take a look at our HVAC maintenance agreement for year-round services and savings!

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If you can’t remember the year you last scheduled furnace maintenance, remember this one: 1921! This is the year Jacob Heating and Air Conditioning got started, and we haven’t taken a break from professional furnace services since. Jacob Heating & Air has been based in DeLand since its inception almost a century ago, and we’ve been assisting with heating needs in the immediate area ever since. As seasoned HVAC technicians, our goal is to help you get the most out of all of your heating systems—and to save on energy usage in the process.

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Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning staff smiling while observing large map on the wall
Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning HVAC Service Guarantees Ensuring Unmatched Quality with Our Service Guarantees in West Volusia County

At Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning, our passion for customer service and the quality of our work is deeply ingrained in our company culture. We're not just committed to helping our customers; we put our reputation on the line with every job we undertake.

Our team takes pride in our work and backs it with excellent service guarantees for our customers in West Volusia County and the surrounding areas. These guarantees include:

  • One-year guarantee on HVAC repairs
  • Prompt service for every visit
  • Cleanliness on the job
  • Complete customer satisfaction
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