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The Importance of Proper Heating & Air Conditioning Installation

How is our estimating process different? Let us tell you.

Just like you, every house is unique. Because of this, we get to know your home before giving you a quote on new HVAC equipment. Before making an investment in the comfort of your home, your heating and air specialist should take the time to review all factors of the home that impact the effectiveness of the heating and cooling system.



At Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves on our thorough estimating process and spend the time needed to find the best system for your home!

To give a proper quote, our Comfort Specialist starts by coming to your home, inspecting your current system, duct work, and ventilation. However, the most important factor is performing, what is referred to as a “load calculation.” A load calculation is what determines how much heating and cooling a home actually needs. To obtain this calculation, our Comfort Specialist gathers all the relevant data, such as the home’s orientation, insulation levels, window types, areas of all the surfaces that gain or lose heat, and more. More specifically this takes into consideration:

  • The construction type of the home
  • Types, sizes and number of windows
  • Types of floors
  • Amount of insulation currently in the home

Getting the appropriate size of a unit is important for efficiency and controlling costs when it comes to power bills. Particularly, oversizing a unit can cause humidity problems, while under sizing can cause the unit to run longer than needed and prohibit the ability to maintain the temperature setting.

In order to have proper air flow, the duct system should be thoroughly evaluated. One of the most common issues is a shortage in the return air ductwork, which is the section that delivers circulated air back to the unit.

To measure the ductwork, our Comfort Specialist uses a “magnahelic gauge.” The magnehelic gauge is used to measure blower static pressure. Essentially, using this tool allows the Comfort Specialist to determine if the current ductwork in the home is sized appropriately. Filter size and location is a large factor in the return duct air flow, and this would also be evaluated at this time.

We work hard to ensure that your investment delivers the best possible solution for you and your loved ones. Our quoting process is FREE and available by appointment. Are you ready for your FREE estimate?