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Posted on: June 12, 2013

Florida heat and humidity can be brutal, but maintaining your air conditioning and heating system helps you stay comfortable, removes pollutants and allergens from the air, and keeps the heating system in running condition for the occasional spell of cold weather and summer heat. Air conditioners can freeze-up due to broken parts, lack of preventive maintenance, or other reasons. Sweltering summer days could become life-threatening without efficient cooling, so you need to find professional technicians to ensure that you get fast emergency service, regular maintenance, fair prices, and proven mechanical skills.

Tips for Choosing an Pierson Air Conditioning Company

Pierson Air Conditioning

Lower Energy Bills

Regular HVAC maintenance reduces energy bills, provides year-round climate control, and conditions internal air to relieve breathing disorders and allergies. Installing energy-efficient equipment could easily pay for itself by reducing utility bills, increasing home and business values, and generating more efficient uses of finite resources. Cost-saving strategies include:

  •  Smart HVAC systems allow remote control of heating and cooling functions from a smartphone or a computer to reduce operational costs, and convenience of operation.
  •  Energy Star-certified HVAC systems minimize energy costs, maximize comfort, and control interior environments precisely by reducing noise levels, energy waste and air contaminants.
  •  Commercial consultants can recommend ways to maximize customer and employee comfort while reducing energy costs and carbon footprints.

 Efficient Operation

Well-maintained systems reduce repair bills, lower energy costs and maintain comfortable temperatures. Preventive maintenance boosts efficiency by keeping condenser coils clean, changing air filters and replacing worn parts. These common malfunctions make your equipment work harder and draw more amps, which result in higher electric bills, more repairs and greater system deterioration.

  •  Regular maintenance identifies minor problems before they escalate, which saves you money.
  • Water leaks in the AC system could damage the equipment or building’s infrastructure.
  • Dirty or iced evaporator coils make AC equipment inefficient.
  • Routine service extends the life of HVAC equipment and keeps interior environments comfortable and healthy.

 Zoning System

The benefit of zoning systems is that they allow you to adjust thermostats in different rooms, which increases comfort and saves energy. You can reduce or increase temperatures when no one is home or in uninhabited rooms. Zoning allows for personal preference of temperature and also to control areas that either heat up or cool down faster than other conditioners.

Smart Controls

Smart controls allow you to turn on the heat or air conditioning from work computers or mobile phones so that you save energy but still come home to a comfortable interior environment. Intelligent controls allow you to set the temperature for each room independently if your system is zoned. You can use minimal energy, create optimum environments for each family member or workstation, and control temperatures remotely or use temperature sensors inside and outside the home or building. Smart controls work with oil, heat-pump, single-stage gas, electrical HVAC, and multistage equipment.

Choose the Right Contractor in the Pierson Area

Getting the most efficient performance and reliability from HVAC equipment depends on the contractor’s ability to troubleshoot problems, respond quickly to service calls, and design and install the right system for your home or business. Reputable contractors will spend significant time inspecting equipment, insulation and duct systems and measuring square footage to determine the best system. Finding a reliable Pierson Air Conditioning contractor is critical, so study Florida’s licensing and insurance requirements, company reputations, and your current system’s maintenance history so that you can ask intelligent questions. Tips for choosing contractors include taking the following actions:

  •  Ask friends and neighbors for referrals but get potential contractors through trade organizations, the Better Business Bureau, and online resources
  •  Get itemized written estimates, alternative proposals, estimated operational costs, and warranty information.
  •  Call references and ask whether a contractor’s previous projects were completed on time and if actual costs closely matched written estimates.
  •  Check the credentials and licensing of prospective contractors
  •  Ask about follow-up maintenance programs, labor warranties and optional warranty extensions for new equipment.
  •  Obtain an on-site evaluation and written proposal before authorizing any preliminary work.

Compare costs of operation, energy-efficiency ratings, and system convenience when choosing an HVAC system. Remember that the least expensive equipment might cost more in the long run if it is inefficient or fails to take advantage of modern energy-saving technologies. Rebates and tax incentives could also save you money when replacing outdated HVAC equipment. Ask questions until you’re completely satisfied with the contractor and proposal.

Inefficient equipment costs you money, generates health risks, and causes faster wear on components. Unusual burning, electrical, gas or oil odors, musty smells, hot and cold spots, and constantly running equipment indicate potential problems with heating and air conditioning equipment. Choosing the right Pierson Air Conditioning contractor, getting your equipment inspected and serviced regularly, and installing new HVAC equipment to replace older models provide many cost benefits, increase property values, save money on repairs, and provide better comfort for families, employees and business customers.