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Purchasing a Carrier Air Conditioning Unit?

Posted on: June 6, 2014

If you’re like many homeowners, you don’t know that much about air conditioning technology. Nor do you need to. As long as the system is quietly providing cooled air, you’re happy. But when the time comes to upgrade air conditioning, you’ll need a quick primer on Carrier’s air conditioning units. This innovative HVAC manufacturer has a number of air conditioners to meet homeowners’ various needs. Find out what features to look for when comparison shopping for an A/C.

Purchasing a Carrier Air Conditioning Unit? Here’s a Simple Guide

Purchasing a Carrier Air Conditioning Unit?

Carrier Infinity Series

This top-of-the-line air conditioning series offers the best in performance and comfort. The seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of these units starts at 16, but the best model reaches 21. The Infinity 21 model also employs advanced features like the two-stage compressor. Two stages of cooling means that the unit automatically adjusts to the lower stage of cooling that uses much less energy when the home’s cooling load is low. On hotter days and during the hottest times of the day, it ramps up to the higher stage of cooling to easily combat heat. This component also makes managing humidity a snap. The manufacturer designed this system to run nearly continuously at the lower stage, so it can rid the home of humidity in the most effective, efficient way.

Carrier Performance Series

The air conditioners in this series promote energy efficiency at a lower purchase price, while still providing great comfort features. The best performing A/C in this series reaches SEER 17, while the lowest-priced unit reaches SEER 15. All of the Performance models operate quietly, emitting just slightly more noise than the models in the Infinity Series. The Performance 17 employs a two-stage compressor for optimal efficiency and dehumidification. On the budget end of the series, the Performance 13 Compact provides 1.5 to 5 tons of cooling capacity, and performs between SEER 12.5 and 15. The air conditioner employs a single-stage compressor to provide consistent cooling over the long summer months.

Carrier Comfort Series

An economical option for homeowners seeking efficiency and comfort, the Comfort Series employs cutting-edge technologies for cost-effective home comfort. You can choose among models that reach 16.5 SEER, 15 SEER or 13.2 SEER. The Comfort 16, and two other models (the Comfort 13 and the Comfort 13 Coastal A/Cs), emit more sound than the models in the other series of Carrier air conditioning units, but they also achieve efficient performance at an affordable price. These single-stage compressor models have a range of capacities, and they employ the efficient scroll-type compressor that is featured in the other series Carrier manufactures. The scroll compressor is an innovative component that helps the air conditioner perform better because they are compact, use less energy, and are quiet.

Homeowners who live in or near Georgia’s coastal areas should consider choosing one of the Coastal models in the Comfort and Infinity series. Carrier applies a special coating on these models during the manufacturing process to resist corrosion from salt. The coating preserves the outdoor unit, which is exposed to harsh elements. Without the coating, the air conditioner’s outdoor compressor unit succumbs to wear and tear, and quickly deteriorates, shortening its life span.


Even the best Carrier air conditioners won’t function as efficiently and quietly as they should if they aren’t properly sized and installed. To accomplish this feat, you need to hire an experienced HVAC contractor. Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning expertly installs Carrier air conditioning units. We are also a factory authorized dealer, which means our technicians receive specialized training in how to maintain, service and install Carrier equipment.

If you’d like to talk to one of the comfort specialists at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning about investing in a new Carrier air conditioning unit, just give us a call! We will walk you through the key features of each model of A/C that we carry, and help you select the one that best fits your needs and your wallet. We serve homeowners and businesses in West Volusia County with pride, providing air conditioning, furnace and heat pump solutions, as well as dehumidifiers and indoor air quality services.